Um… hello?

I haven’t been here for a while and there have been some problems… down there…

Well not my “down there” but the “down there” of this website… the back end.  The engine room.

But I think we’re back on track and as soon as I work out how to fix the images on this thing we might even have a proper working blog.


My “down there” was much easier to fix.

Just saying.


(Too much?)

Transferring my sanity

So… I’ve been watching Suburgatory and so my language has regressed to that of a 16 year old mall rat from the suburbs in America.

And like, my server provider here in Australia has told me I have to like, change providers as he is like, no longer going to keep his servers..

So like, I *think* I’ve transferred my site but I’m all “what if I haven’t?”.

And like, do I dare post?

So this is like, sacrificial, in case I’m mid transfer and it like, disappears.

Okay bi’atch?

Theme change?

So… I’m thinking of changing my theme.

Thoughts?  Experiences?  Recommendations?




Okay what do I want?

Clean design

I like red.

Widgetised obviously.


Fixed width (I think).

I want to show the entire posts on the front page.  No more of this “read more” malarky.

That’s about it.


Your input welcome.

My new toy

Nice phone but no flash... wish I knew that before I bought it...

So I’ve got myself a new smart phone and what a timewaster it is.

It’s a Samsung galaxy and apart from the fact that it doesn’t have a flash, it is very gorgeous indeed.

I don’t get why there isn’t a flash though.

You would think every one would want a flash and I didn’t even think to check as I assumed it would have one.

Not very smart.

Still apart from it’s flash-less-ness, it’s a lovely device and I can see I’ll be most distracted by it in the weeks to come.

I have access to my own copy of Angry Birds.

And oh that’s right… A new phone number as well.

Email me if you want it.

Or call me on my work number.


My son reminds me that my phone does record in HD video though so I won’t complain too loudly… although I will be complaining because if there is no flash – recording at night – even in HD – will be lame.

Ten years younger

not so grey

Okay maybe not ten…

In many ways now that I’ve decided to dye my hair again I feel as if I’ve given up.


I think it’s better to feel it rather than look it!

I had lunch today with a friend who I haven’t seen in about six months.  She has a new man, is going for a new job and looks happier than I’ve seen her in a while.

I love that about female friendships.

You might not see eachother for ages as life – lets face it – does get in the way but when you get back together it’s as if you have been in touch every week.

I guess male friendships are the same?

For bloggers out there… I’m writing this on Wordpress 2.7.  I like it.  I like the layout, the groovy new functions like get plugin – oh that makes life easy, and well… all of it.

You might see a few new functions on the site as I’ve got lots of new toys to play with.

Let me know what you think, especially if it gets too cluttered.

If you use WordPress and haven’t upgraded – do it.  It’s worth it

And oh, Twitter.  I am fast realising what a time-waster that is.  I hardly had time to scratch myself between tweets today.  Lucky I had the day off!

My family

This is my family at the party we had on Saturday night for my Dad (70) and my little sister (40).

Make sure you keep the length, said my sister as we uploaded this photo today, we don’t want to look any fatter than necessary.  No worries I thought, that suits me!

Ah.  This website seems to be working again sans multi-level navigation and automatic WordPress upgrade plugins.  Meh who needs them.

A fast loading site is all I want.  Or in fact a loading site.

I’m sitting here on the couch with my sister – over from the US -showing her how to blog on WordPress.  It’s very exciting.  The sun is warming our hands and laps as we type away.

Tonight she goes back to the States.

I feel like I’ve only just had time to say hi and she’s gone again.

At the birthday she had us all in tears talking about Dad.  She spoke of someone who could do anything – and that’s what he’s like.  But that’s also what she’s like. 

She’s told me to stop now… but it’s my blog and I will write what I like.  So there!

(you can get me back on your blog if you want.)

Big Brother is not watching you (for much longer)

It’s over. It’s (relatively) safe to go back to your television sets. After the final early next week BB is closing up shop in Australia. I, for one, am over it. Even the die-hard fans in my office haven’t bothered tuning in.

As TelevisionAU points out – given that BB couldn’t even attract more viewers than Wayne Swann delivering his budget speech (okay it was his first one) – it is not really that surprising.

Wayne or Travis?  Australia chose Wayne on Budget night... not Big Brother.
Sorry Travis, you and your boring band of followers failed to distract Australians from a night in with Wayne.

In other (geeky) news, I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 tonight. I had high hopes of the Press it feature making it easier to insert Flickr photos but it didn’t really do what I had hoped. And for some reason when I upload images they now go to the wrong place. Sigh. I don’t like the caption function much because it doesn’t differentiate the caption from the text.

I like the plug-in page revamp… haven’t really played with the other stuff yet but I can tell you that the word count is 182. 🙂

A thousand pieces of my life

What does a life look like broken up into a thousand pieces?

Much like this blog I suspect. 🙂

I began writing online in 2002. I couldn’t design my own websites at work – everything was template driven – and I’d been on webmonkey and learned html so I wanted to see if I could do it.

The first thing to do was come up with a sexy domain name. It was going to be a family website so I wanted something that represented us without using our real names. I started playing with the meanings of our names and ended up with redsultana.

This is what looked like back then:

My original site

It wasn’t until 2004 when I met James that I started using a blogging platform – Blogger.

Here’s one of my favourite posts from August 2004 – my first month using “proper” blogware. We’d seen this Hong Kong politician on the telly and we still quote her today. I wonder where she is now?

In 2005 we took some time off and spent part of that time in Italy. Oh Italy! It was fantastic. I want to live there.


In 2006 I turned 40. That still sounds old to me. 40 might be the new 30 but I still needed to get glasses.

The Coven

And Groover won a trip to Ireland to watch the Wallabies get thrashed by the Irish at Landsdowne Road.

The Wallabies at Landsdowne Road

In 2007, I moved my blog to WordPress and opened up to the blogging world. I’ve met some great people both online and off. And I’ve enjoyed sharing my photos and observations and endless book reviews with you. Your comments so often make me laugh! (As does this photo of my two at Ennuin Station.)

Ennuin Easter 2007

And so we come to 2008. Where I met even more bloggers through Aussie Bloggers – even face to face.


Will I stop blogging? I can’t see it myself. I enjoy the daily discipline of putting my thoughts in some kind of order – what would I do with all those things that rush about my head at night if I had no one to tell them to?

So thank you. Thank you for being part of my life through this blog – from the beginning or from today – it’s lovely to have you drop in. And you know how I feel about the drop in!

To celebrate this milestone I’ve saved up 1000 entrecard credits which I’d like to share with you. Simply say hi in comments to be in the running and I’ll draw someone’s name out of the hat. It might be yours.

For those of you who don’t have a blog – say hi anyway. 🙂

To the next 1000 and beyond!

*chinks glass*

Damn it… really must watch that binge drinking

Upgraded to 2.5.1

I really thought I’d wait to see if they had all the bugs ironed out – there were 70 fixed in this upgrade – but then I thought what the hey and upgraded anyway. I’m like that.

I had a hairy moment when all I was getting was a white screen… but then I remembered to overwrite the new default theme and all was well.

Thank goodness.

Although… and this is a bugger… photodropper doesn’t seem to work anymore. 🙁

Which is why I’ve added this random scene… it makes me feel better.  (And now I can centre photos without mucking around with the code. )

Peppermint Grove at dawn

WordPress 2.5: don’t be scared

There has been quite a lot of talk on forums and in blogs about 2.5 and for those of you who are not on WordPress it must be getting a bit boring – and people can we move on please! – This, I promise will be my last post on it. Two of two.

So I upgraded last night and this is the first post completely using the new format.

Screenshot of my post as it is being written< /p>

And this view of the screenshot is the first image I’ve uploaded using the new interface which I might say is bloody marvellous with options to do captions and descriptions and to align it in the centre if you wish! (although my theme means that I have to centre manually)

As you can see I’m quite taken with 2.5. As are others.

Apart from the image and gallery functions (untested yet), I like the new layout. I like the webstats on the dashboard, I like the automatic upgrade of the plugins – man that saves some time – I’m lukewarm about the widgets interface – now you have to choose which sidebar you’re looking at – I quite liked having all the sidebars displayed – but apart from that I’m really happy.

Of course there are some who aren’t enjoying the new interface but you can’t please everyone I guess.

To those who say – don’t fix what ain’t broke – I say bah humbug! How boring would life be if we stood still. But then I’m a girl who likes change (as my many theme changes will attest).

But do your homework. Maybe you’d like to wait a little longer. Make sure all the bugs are discovered. Fair enough. You don’t have to upgrade.

If you do want to – the instructions on WordPress worked really well for me.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Downloaded the new files and extracted them into a folder I could find again.
  2. Disabled plugins
  3. Deleted my wp-includes folder in my FTP program (I use Smart FTP). This took a little while.
  4. Uploaded the new wp-includes folder. Again this took some time.
  5. Deleted my wp-admin folder.
  6. Uploaded the new wp-admin folder
  7. Copied across and overwrote all the files in the root WordPress directory making sure my wp-config file was not overwritten.
  8. Copied across and overwrote the index.php file in wp-content
  9. Opened a browser and went to wp-admin/install.php and followed the prompts
  10. Went to the plug-in section and activated the plug-ins updating as I went

Piece of the preverbial.

And if the Automatic Upgrade Plug-in works for you – even easier.

Update: More opinions (including mine… again)

Okay enough Geek Speak… normal blogging will resume shortly…

But before I go – and if you’re still reading – you’ll appreciate this little gem.