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Surprise Tea

by Cellobella on Saturday, February 7, 2015

During the show Extended Play Stories – part of Fringeworld – I heard tell of something new.  Something delightful.  Something I immediately resolved to do.

I love a cup of tea and drink at least 2-3 cups a day.  I always have English Breakfast.  Twinings. Which I buy only when on special, in large quantities.  No milk.  No sugar.

English Breakfast Tea

So when the storyteller started telling us about Surprise Tea I was immediately intrigued.

Surprise Tea is when you’re asked “Do you want a cuppa?”  And you say “yes”.  And then they say “What kind?” You say “Surprise Tea”.

Sometimes people will say “How about English Breakfast?” and then you say… “No… it’s not a surprise anymore.” And you might pout a little.

Sometimes people get completely freaked out.  What will their choice say about what they think about you?  Will they reveal how little they know about you?  Or how much?

How delicious!

And then of course you can’t complain of their choice because of course, you asked to be surprised.

As Shona was telling her story I started to wonder how that would work at my place.  I really only have the one type of tea.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone to get English Breakfast.

So today I went out and bought some more teas.

tea collection

So go on.  I dare you.  I double dare you.

Ask me for Surprise Tea.

I’m ready.

Coffee lesson

by Cellobella on Monday, September 22, 2014

decaf mac half topped up

I thought I knew my coffee.

I did.

I live in Perth.  We know our coffee.  We just do.

Long black, long mac topped up, cappuccino, latte, flat white… yeah we’ve seen it all.

So what’s that?

That, I was reliably informed on Saturday,  is a long mac half topped up.  Decaf.

Not heard of it?

Long mac = double shot.  Usually with milk added to the top of the glass = topped up.

But that’s too milky according to my friend.

Half topped up.


What is the point of a double shot of decaf coffee?

Hip to the Groove

by Cellobella on Monday, September 8, 2014

Hip to the Groove

This story begins in Bali in 2011.

We were walking along the road with my teenagers and Abi’s teens and we were discussing (I think) how “up with it” Abi and I were.

I said.. “C’mon, I’m hip to the groove…”

Thereby proving I wasn’t and they all fell about laughing.

Fast forward to 2014 and Imogen has been heard using the phrase in conversation to mean “trendy”.

Which is why at a screenprinting course I decided to immortalise Hip to the Groove in ink.

I went to the day long session with my brother Michael (an artist) and the aforementioned Abi who, in her spare time, themes events.

Both fair to say, artistic.

Me, I’m in radio, not a visual medium, unless you count spoken word pictures.

To say I felt a bit intimidated is an understatement.

Anyhow I was pretty happy with my freeform Hip to the Groove design and very happy when the teacher showed me how to do a rainbow print.


Until I showed this photo on my phone to a colleague.

“What’s Kip to the Groove?”



The lost art of handiness

by Cellobella on Sunday, July 27, 2014 · 2 comments

I’ve been thinking this week about being handy around the home.  Jamie from work raised it.  He’s a thirty-something (maybe late 20s) generation Y and he was lamenting how he is rubbish when it comes to those fixes  around the house that our grandfathers and fathers just… well they just do stuff.

Need a new surround for your oven?  Right on it.

A wooden box for your computer.  No problemo.

You want a picture hung where??

A couple of years ago Rory and I built a pergola with decking out the back.  Well when I say we built it, it’s probably more accurate to say Dad built it and we assisted him.

Engineer of the Year in 1995, he is the master builder.

Occasionally though, we got to play with the grown ups tools.

This is dad supervising me on a circular saw:

Now we need a new pergola out the front and I’m hoping Rory and Hugo might be persuaded to have a go.

In the meantime, today I have been pretty handy myself.

the light works

I’ve got a rowing light which a couple of months ago just stopped working.

Very annoying.

I thought at first it was the battery nodes as they were looking a little rusty, but even cleaned the light wouldn’t work.

So I got out my handy phillips head baby screwdriver and undid the screws and took it apart.

There was moisture in the “light” area so I dried that off first and then I realised that the little wires going from the battery to the electronics had lost connection.

(the second one especially so after I wiggled it to see if it was firm… as you do)

So I got out the wire stippers and the soldering iron and as you can see from the picture… voila!

Isn’t soldering fun.  Fun in an annoying – wish I had a magnifying light lens thing – damn it that solder ball got away again – kind of way.

I am pretty impressed with myself.

Fingers crossed the light stays working!


Fluoro fetish

by Cellobella on Saturday, July 19, 2014 · 1 comment

It all started back in summer when I noticed a fellow at our rowing club in a fluoro shirt.

Hard to miss him actually.


We could see him clear across the river.

In summer there are a lot of boats on the river and when you’re in a single you’re hard to see.  So we thought… why don’t we make a zootie with a fluoro top.

As you do.

So we did.

Well we got it made and as we swanned around the club in our new fluoro zooties more and more people followed suit (zoot).

So then we thought… fluoro beanies.

And then I went to a fluoro themed party…

Fluoro Party

And then I thought well to get a bit of extra bit of fitness I’d try and ride to work once a week = more fluoro.

Now I own a lot of it:

  • Zootie
  • Beanie
  • Shell
  • Raincoat
  • 2 vests
  • Turtle shell
  • shin guards
  • socks
  • cap
  • tech shirt
  • hair bands
  • sports bra
  • kit bag

I just see fluoro and immediately think I have to buy it.

I suspect I may have to exercise some self restraint.


Toothpaste tale

by Cellobella on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 · 1 comment

toothpaste aisle in the supermarket

Today the question was asked of our group… how many brands of toothpaste can you name?

I managed 5… colgate, macleans, crest, oral-b and (this was a struggle despite the fact it’s the one I actually use!!!) sensodyne.

Apparently there are over 30 brands available in Australia.

Today picking up a few items at my local supermarket I thought I’d see how many were available.

Not over 30.

Not really surprising… you know how those big supermarkets limit your brand choice!

So here they are… colgate, macleans, oral-b, sensodyne, pro-namel (a sensodyne sub-brand), cedal, red seal, grants, white glo, pearl drops, store brand.

Still that’s 11.  And that doesn’t include crest.


And there are a few sub-brands that we could include but those big brands (you know the ones) get enough airplay.

So if you’re ever asked the question… now you know.

Latest rowing gopro video

by Cellobella on Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This one is just me playing with different stuff and annoying my fellow rowers.

You know, holding the camera over the side, holding it in different positions, strapping it to an oar.

As you do…

playing with angles from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

I now have a new mount – the flex clamp – can’t wait to play with that!

The GoPro obsession

by Cellobella on Thursday, February 13, 2014

First of all… hello! Long time no see. But you see I just paid for the next two years hosting so I may as well make the most of it and bloody write something.

What’s changed since we last chatted…

herb gardenWell the herbs have got bigger. I’ve eaten lots of them. Not sure anyone else is picking them… but they are still welcome to.

It’s been a long hot summer and the garden is suffering for it.

And I have a new toy which I am obsessed with.

I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and so far have the following accessories:

  • chest harness
  • floaty back
  • head strap
  • homemade cap mount
  • extra batteries, charger and car charger
  • vented helmet strap (this was a mistake)
  • extra bolts
  • frame
  • tripod mount
  • flex jaws clamp (still to arrive)

Do I need all those things… yikes!

My old laptop is struggling to cope with the videos so my son is cobbling together a more powerful computer and my dad is making a case for it.

This has become a very expensive toy.

But I’m having fun with it.

The Goose Saturday from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Friday in The Goose from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Rowing on the Swan with my GoPro from Sarah Knight on Vimeo.

Neighbourhood herbs

by Cellobella on Monday, November 18, 2013

my Streetside herbs

Inspired by The Main Ingredient and a group called Herbshare this weekend I planted out some herbs in my front garden.

I rarely use all the herbs I buy in the supermarket. Most times you only need a bit of thyme or basil or parsley and the rest wilts and goes slimy in the fridge.

At least it does in my fridge.

The Herbshare idea is that you plant your herbs in your front gardens accessible from the street.

Then you plot your herbs on a map so that your neighbours know what you’ve got.

So that when they need that bit of coriander, or basil, or mint they can just pop across the road and pick a bit from your garden. Only taking what they need.

I love this idea.

My plan (as we don’t have HS over here in WA yet) is to establish my herbs, then pop a note into my neighbours letter boxes inviting them to take some herbs whenever they need to.

I’m already taking the odd bay leaf from my neighbours tree over the road, and the limes that I can reach from next door… so it all works out in the wash.

I just hope the wretched things grow!

If you live near me I’ve planted thyme, sage, mint, rocket, basil, coriander, dill, and parsley.

As insurance I also planted out the rest in my fishpond. As you do.

My fishpond herb garden

Actually I was quite excited.

I bought some potting mix and manure to top up the pond and when I dug it in discovered a rich black composty soil below.

This year when I weeded the verge I chucked it in the fishpond. A couple of months later after quite a bit of rain and some hot days and it is perfect herb growing soil.

What a bonus! Really must make a note to do it again.

In other news, the girl is off to India and the boy is coming home again.

And yes, I’m still rowing.

No, I’m just fat.

by Cellobella on Tuesday, September 3, 2013

phone 768

I am very happy.

The other day I did WHAT NO-ONE SHOULD DO EVER DO – I asked someone if she was pregnant.


And how BAD did I feel when she said “No I’m just fat.”

I slunk away and banged my head against a wall.

I should know better.

This is a basic rule that everyone knows.

But today I found out that she IS pregnant after all.

She was just waiting until the magical 3 months before confirming it.

Fair enough.

And I feel better now.

But still… lesson has been learned – do not ever ask if a woman is pregnant.

Note: This photo is of me playing at being “Assembly Point Marshall” at a recent emergency drill.

No I’m not pregnant.