The death of blogging?

My hair has grown, I have new glasses.  Yep it really has been a while since we chatted.

this is me

Back in 2007/8 I was a daily blogger. No detail of my life too boring or mundane to inflict upon the world… and you dear reader.

My opinion on who should go in Big Brother.  Things seen on walks around the burb.  Book reviews.   Random comments.

Sometimes there were photos, sometimes there were not.

But there ALWAYS was something.

Then Facebook happened.

Yes of course I blame Facebook.  Is that lame?

All those little things that caught my eye are now on my FB profile.

The photos so easy to upload.

I can share the bits I want to with the people I want to and they don’t have to come searching for it.

All the comments.  All the likes!

It’s… seductive.

So my blog has been neglected.

Reserved for the important things.  Things that are worthy of more than a sentence, a photo.  Which means… nothing gets posted at all.

And yet.

And yet I see others still blog.  Where’s My Glow?  Karen Cheng.  The Food Pornographer.

What’s their secret?  Are their lives so much more interesting than mine?  Is it having a theme?

My life is all eat, sleep, row, repeat.

Well that and work.

I feel like I’m boring you when I write about it.

And now here comes the epiphany:  In 2007/8 when had enough material to blog everyday, I was doing practically the same as I am today.  (just replace rowing with bridge)

I didn’t go on particularly interesting trips.  I didn’t have so many more fascinating encounters.  I wasn’t any more interesting than I am now.

So… it must be Facebook.

Has social media killed the blogging star?


(obviously I’m not referring to myself as a star… simply referencing that old Buggles tune)

Out of the habit

Christmas Dinner

Is Christmas really over?

I’m out of the habit of blogging regularly and finding it hard to get inspiration… so I thought I’d do that old trick of just typing away – stream of consciousness like – and see what happens.

I love hosting Christmas but I also love my house back to normal the day after Christmas after all the empties have been taken out to the recycling and the dishes finally done, extra tables hidden away and the crunchy floor cleaned.

In the days since we’ve been chilling out the back lolling on the couches under the patio we built last year, occasionally jumping in the pool to bring down the core body temp (it is over 40 every day for the next four), lighting the candles in the evening and enjoying the odd glass of wine.

It’s been lovely having my brother and his family to stay too.  Their little one is uber-cute.  Just the cutest 3-year-old ever.  And even though I know I’m going to be approached again and again to play animal matches, or go for a swim, or watch the spelling game stars I don’t care because she is so adorable.

They’ve gone down south for a few days now and the house seems strangely empty.

This year we did a couple of things to encourage “groupness”.

Groupness is a term I picked up from a facilitation course this year.  Basically when you have a new grouping of people it’s important to get them to interact quickly and share.  Sharing is more likely if the peeps feel part of a group.

Groupness can be created in any number of ways…

For example… name tags… not really appropriate for family dinner…

This year we did souvenir holiday teeshirts designed by my artist brother

Me modelling the holiday tee

And a dancing video.

If you’ve seen Where the Hell is Matt? you will know the inspiration.

I asked my invited guests and extended family that weren’t coming to the evening to send in snippets of video of themselves so that I could mash them into a video to play on the night.

That way peeps who couldn’t come would still be part of the group… and those who were there would feel part of the group – having gone through the shared experience (pain and humiliation?) of dancing in public.

I guess I’m an extrovert because I loved doing the dancing videos, others felt it wasn’t such a cool thing, but everyone sent something in.

Unfortunately I ran out of time but I delegated (another management technique) to my niece (not the 3-year old) and the video was lovely.

Even the too-cool-for-school teens admitted it was fun in the end and I think – should I ask them to participate in one of my crazy groupness exercises next time – they might find it easier to say yes, lets!

UPDATE: Here is the link to the video. 🙂

OMG.  I’m at the end of a post and I had something to say after all.

Maybe the habit is stronger than I thought…

Um… hello?

I haven’t been here for a while and there have been some problems… down there…

Well not my “down there” but the “down there” of this website… the back end.  The engine room.

But I think we’re back on track and as soon as I work out how to fix the images on this thing we might even have a proper working blog.


My “down there” was much easier to fix.

Just saying.


(Too much?)

Food blog you should visit

I went down to rowing this morning… It was my daughter’s first day and I’m down to help with the breakfast next week so I thought I should find out what I was supposed to do.

Dippity emerged dripping and happy.

As a first timer she was in a single scull (is that what they are called?) presumably until she can learn not to fall in.

Waiting for the girls to come up for breakfast I caught up with Kathryn who I have known since St Georges’ days.

She has a blog which I will be making a firm favourite.

Family Meal Rescue

And if any family is in need of rescuing, food wise, it’s us.

I am going to try this chicken recipe tomorrow night.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Proscuitto, spinach, bocconcini roast chicken with roasted tomatoes from Family Meal Rescue

Actually a few of the mums are thinking about learning to row – why should the kids have all the fun?

Hmmm interesting.

Theme change?

So… I’m thinking of changing my theme.

Thoughts?  Experiences?  Recommendations?




Okay what do I want?

Clean design

I like red.

Widgetised obviously.


Fixed width (I think).

I want to show the entire posts on the front page.  No more of this “read more” malarky.

That’s about it.


Your input welcome.

Tweets, peeps and hand-dryers: observations from the first ever Aussie Bloggers Conference

At the dinner dance

So this is me and allconsuming at the dinner dance which followed the first ever Australian Bloggers Conference.

Note the tweeter in the background.

OMG everyone was tweeting.

Except me because my stupid phone stupidly ran out of batteries and then I took it upstairs to charge but stupidly forgot that when you take your passcard key out of the little slot all the electricity is turned off and so the phone ran even further out of batteries. Belief!

Anyway, I tried tweeting during the conference discussions and it was too distracting… so I stopped and then I got told off by Kelley (so glad to have met you even though you scolded me for not replying to your tweets).

Kelley's tattoo

What a biatch.

But I was glad I stopped because I was missing out on some gems because I was too busy coming up with witty comments or trying to, and reading the chatter.

So what did I learn?

Well in the social media part I quite liked the “Twitter Formula” for successful twittering:

20% me

30% flogging your blog

50% retweeting and interesting links

That sounds quite good don’t you think?

Because what I’m liking more and more about twitter is the personal recommendations for other good stuff online… you expect a bit of self-recommendation so that’s okay and I do love a little small talk but a mix is best I think.

And I am now a twitter whore!

I blame Deeleea.

Which is fair because she blames me for getting up to dance the nutbush when she CLEARLY wanted to.

‘Sif she wanted to just sit at the table, drink wine and chat. 🙂

Anyway in the space of 24 hours I found myself tweeting all sorts of rubbish:  The price of scrambled eggs, the navigation fail on the ferry, the wet wet weather… why does it always come down to weather with me?

And I was checking in to #ausblogcon2011 every few minutes checking in on my new bloggy friends.

Today I’ve noticed that the behaviour has continued.


Oh yeah I remember you.

One of the things to come out of the Social Media section was the thought that creating a page for your blog was better than using your personal profile.

And if you’re using it to add value to your blog well maybe it is.

Do I want to go there?

Maybe. Once the twittermoon is over… *cringes at dreadful mash-up of Twitter and Honeymoon*

So I learned a few things, was inspired to blog some more, and met some fantastic people.

People I hope to keep up with in the future both in person and of course on Twitter.

Hey I met River!  A regular commenter on this blog!

sorry the photo is a bit blurry

And shout outs to Kelly who sat next to me and had magnetic cards (very sexy), Ally who came up and said hi (yay!) and Rebecca who convinced me to have one too many cocktails at the open bar welcome drinkies. But weren’t they delicious!

There is a full list of attendees here.

I can also see myself going to the 2012 conference.

I think the organisers have learned a lot.

Personally, I’d like to see sessions on “form versus content”…  maybe a debate?, “must have widgets”, “effective graphics/banners/images” to name a few.

It would be good to get some concurrent sessions looking at various blogging platforms – blogger, wordpress etc so you can ask questions,  maybe get some tips and tricks, news, how to get the best out of your chosen platform.

Maybe something on cool apps – for both iphone and android.

Maybe there could be breakout socialising sessions for various blogging niches – mummy bloggers, personal bloggers, craft bloggers, dads, food, reviews, fashion – that might also encourage a greater range of bloggers to attend.

Yep I reckon you need two days.

The dinner dance was a revelation.

I thought goodness, whose going to want to go to a practically 100% female dinner dance?

But it was so nice to dress up and chat with all these lovely women.

And to be honest, you bloody blokes don’t dance anyway.

And we did dress up.

Which goes to show that we don’t dress for men.

I wonder if next year there’ll be a more even gender balance?

Gawd I’ve waffled on haven’t I?

Well one last observation for now:

Hand dryer

Have you had a go drying your hands in one of these?

I’m not sure they are as effective as the slogan suggests but they are SUCH good fun!

Tragically your correspondent was seen wetting her hands just so she could dry them again.

So yay.

Great conference, great city, great stories and great fun.

Read more here from Aussie Bloggers

[note that the makers of the hand-dryer did sponsor the dinner dance but this mention is not sponsored at all. I don’t have one of their vacuum cleaners and am very happy with the one I have… especially as Groover does the vacuuming anyway]




So the conference is over and a better organised conference I don’t think I’ve been to.

This btw is really a holding post.

Written from my phone.

Today my plan is to catch a ferry to greenwich to stay with a friend.

Then tomorrow catching up with a few work friends before heading back to perth in time for the first night of the women’s teams.

Bridge of course.

And it’s raining in sydney town!

Remember rain perthites?

I love not being hot so much I am not even going to take a taxi to circular quay.

I certainly won’t look hot after that.

More on the bloggers conference when I get to a computer but for now love to my new bloggy friends.

You are amazing.


Blogging that conference


How does that saying go… It’s as pretty as an airport?

Well I made it.

Packed this morning so probably forgot something important.

Certainly concerned that haven’t brought “right” clothes for the event.  What does one wear to a bloggers conference anyway?

Too late to worry about that now.

Should board shortly. Do I have time for a quick wee?

Not if I keep blogging.

Exciting club!

Sydney here I come!

Ah. Ten minute delay. Excuse me while I powder my nose.

My first ever blog conference

wine and filing - a perfect combination

Flights – check

Hotel booking – check

Blog cards?  Um… not check

Blog cards were not on my radar for things to take to the Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney this weekend (OMG only a few days away!!) so when I read Tiff’s latest post I almost fell off my swivel chair.

What a good idea.

But I’m heading to Bunbury for two days for work and then I’m off to Sydney so when can I get blog cards made?!

Then I remembered a packet of business card printy thingys that I bought a hundred years ago.

Could I find them amongst all the bills and wine in my office/wine storage unit?

Of course I could.

But then…

What to write?

Do I just write my handle?  Or my real name? Or both?

Facebook profile?


When did life get so complicated??

At least I have got some new boots to wear and I hear the weather will be cool.

Loving the idea of rain.

What a novelty!

Update: Pretty much FAIL. Ah well. Who needs blog cards anyway – you know who I am.

Oh and if you want to see who is coming along to the conference on Saturday – check out the list below:

We are going! Are you?

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