Meeting bloggers

Have you ever met someone who’s blog you’ve read for a while. It is a most bizarre thing.

Yesterday I caught up with The Food Pornographer in the morning. I was interviewing her for the Aussie Bloggers blog – look out for it in a few weeks – and we met at a restaurant – where else? – for a chat. Tfp arrived first and she is lovely – much like her blog. I set up my microphone – fiddling with the unfamiliar equipment (it’s been a while) – while we ordered. We had a great chat and I even filmed her taking photos – you’ll have to wait for the blog but this is a snap from the video:

The Food Pornographer

Then in the afternoon, I headed down to Cottesloe Beach to meet Guera – A Roaming Aussie Mum, back in Perth for a holiday with family. Guera knows my brother through mutual friends – Perth is very small – and we sat on the grassy banks in the shade chatting about blogging and who we knew in common.

Guera at Cottesloe

What was interesting for me (apart from the conversations) was the weirdness of knowing so much about someone (through reading their blog) and yet meeting them for the first time. Guera commented “I was nervous. It’s like going on a blind date!” And it was a bit like that – it must be even weirder if you are meeting a new partner discovered over the net.

It crept in all the time – tfp was commenting about how she hasn’t updated her WordPress because she’s scared of breaking something “like you did” (well that wasn’t really the upgrade – that was me being a dill and mucking around in the database which you don’t have to do to upgrade). Guera asked my daughter how she was fitting in at her new school – because she’d read that on my blog. You just can’t help but throw in these little asides.

And did I find them to be as they blogged? Well yes. I think that’s why I enjoy their blogs so much – because they are genuine.

Am now nervously waiting to hear their verdicts of me!

btw the next Perth meet-up is on 20th February at the Brass Monkey in Northbridge at 7pm.

In other bloggy news – guess what? I won the Revolution theme contest! W00t. It’s a little more complicated to configure it all to my satisfaction but watch this space. Demo.