Big Brother is not watching you (for much longer)

It’s over. It’s (relatively) safe to go back to your television sets. After the final early next week BB is closing up shop in Australia. I, for one, am over it. Even the die-hard fans in my office haven’t bothered tuning in.

As TelevisionAU points out – given that BB couldn’t even attract more viewers than Wayne Swann delivering his budget speech (okay it was his first one) – it is not really that surprising.

Wayne or Travis?  Australia chose Wayne on Budget night... not Big Brother.
Sorry Travis, you and your boring band of followers failed to distract Australians from a night in with Wayne.

In other (geeky) news, I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 tonight. I had high hopes of the Press it feature making it easier to insert Flickr photos but it didn’t really do what I had hoped. And for some reason when I upload images they now go to the wrong place. Sigh. I don’t like the caption function much because it doesn’t differentiate the caption from the text.

I like the plug-in page revamp… haven’t really played with the other stuff yet but I can tell you that the word count is 182. 🙂