Theme change?

So… I’m thinking of changing my theme.

Thoughts?  Experiences?  Recommendations?




Okay what do I want?

Clean design

I like red.

Widgetised obviously.


Fixed width (I think).

I want to show the entire posts on the front page.  No more of this “read more” malarky.

That’s about it.


Your input welcome.

3 Replies to “Theme change?”

  1. Thoughts… always my favourite thing to do.

    Experiences… too many to count…

    Recommendations? anything you like from Woothemes or elegantthemes… let me know, I can hook you up…

  2. I really like my new theme from Elegant Themes. Have you checked them out? They have a few red ones. It costs $39 but then you have access to ALL of them. Which can actually be a pain because it’s hard to pick.

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