The death of blogging?

My hair has grown, I have new glasses.  Yep it really has been a while since we chatted.

this is me

Back in 2007/8 I was a daily blogger. No detail of my life too boring or mundane to inflict upon the world… and you dear reader.

My opinion on who should go in Big Brother.  Things seen on walks around the burb.  Book reviews.   Random comments.

Sometimes there were photos, sometimes there were not.

But there ALWAYS was something.

Then Facebook happened.

Yes of course I blame Facebook.  Is that lame?

All those little things that caught my eye are now on my FB profile.

The photos so easy to upload.

I can share the bits I want to with the people I want to and they don’t have to come searching for it.

All the comments.  All the likes!

It’s… seductive.

So my blog has been neglected.

Reserved for the important things.  Things that are worthy of more than a sentence, a photo.  Which means… nothing gets posted at all.

And yet.

And yet I see others still blog.  Where’s My Glow?  Karen Cheng.  The Food Pornographer.

What’s their secret?  Are their lives so much more interesting than mine?  Is it having a theme?

My life is all eat, sleep, row, repeat.

Well that and work.

I feel like I’m boring you when I write about it.

And now here comes the epiphany:  In 2007/8 when had enough material to blog everyday, I was doing practically the same as I am today.  (just replace rowing with bridge)

I didn’t go on particularly interesting trips.  I didn’t have so many more fascinating encounters.  I wasn’t any more interesting than I am now.

So… it must be Facebook.

Has social media killed the blogging star?


(obviously I’m not referring to myself as a star… simply referencing that old Buggles tune)

Why Twitter may save live television

I am really enjoying the Olympics.

Me. Not known for liking to watch sport. Indeed, I’d much rather catch up with an episode or two of Project Runway.

The marathon, the diving, the trap shooting (possibly if they ever showed it), the equestrian events.

I love it.

Especially the rowing.

But why And why these Olympics?

Today as I sat on my lardy arse, tablet on my knee, glass of wine by my side, watching London 2012, it came to me. Twitter.

Watching sport is so much more fun with your friends.

Or even, random people you hardly know.

It’s why people still go to cinemas. To the footy when there’s a much better view on the telly.

It’s the collective experience.


It could be the savior of live television.

I rarely watch live tv.

I can’t stand the ads so everything I watch is recorded.

But I do make an appointment at 7.30pm on Monday to watch QandA.

Sure I could watch it at 9.30 but if I watch it in real time I can participate in the giant virtual theatre known as Twitter.

I may never get a tweet on the telly, but I can comment and discuss the show with everyone else as we all watch it together.

I see the comments on Masterchef on my way home from work… And I feel ripped off.

I have to wait two hours to catch up.

It puts me off watching.

But if I could watch it live, I might even tune in and put up with the ads, just to participate.

So here’s my theory.

For live television to survive, it has to become event television. Appointment television.

We are seeing the beginnings now.

But I think Drama could go the same way.

Find a reason for us to chat during the show and I’ll tune in live.

Just saying.

And meantime…

Go Aussies!

Finding Nigel

Alison with her newly discovered vagina

So we found the sculpture (pictured above) and now Narelle wants to find Nigel.

Narelle being Alison, or at least Alison when she was 20, and fresh born into the city.

The back story.

The search.

Anyhoo the thing is that Alison is in Sydney this week – and so is the artist that sculpted her veejayjay back in the day and she wants to find him.

She has an mp3 of the story she told at our storytelling sessions and a photograph of… well… herself to give him.

(get your mind out of the gutter – its a photo of the sculpture)

It’s just for old times sake (she is in a relationship at the moment) so she isn’t stalking him or anything.



So if you know where the artist is – please let us know!

We have a twitter search going on – have a look on

Oh and his name isn’t Nigel.

Tweets, peeps and hand-dryers: observations from the first ever Aussie Bloggers Conference

At the dinner dance

So this is me and allconsuming at the dinner dance which followed the first ever Australian Bloggers Conference.

Note the tweeter in the background.

OMG everyone was tweeting.

Except me because my stupid phone stupidly ran out of batteries and then I took it upstairs to charge but stupidly forgot that when you take your passcard key out of the little slot all the electricity is turned off and so the phone ran even further out of batteries. Belief!

Anyway, I tried tweeting during the conference discussions and it was too distracting… so I stopped and then I got told off by Kelley (so glad to have met you even though you scolded me for not replying to your tweets).

Kelley's tattoo

What a biatch.

But I was glad I stopped because I was missing out on some gems because I was too busy coming up with witty comments or trying to, and reading the chatter.

So what did I learn?

Well in the social media part I quite liked the “Twitter Formula” for successful twittering:

20% me

30% flogging your blog

50% retweeting and interesting links

That sounds quite good don’t you think?

Because what I’m liking more and more about twitter is the personal recommendations for other good stuff online… you expect a bit of self-recommendation so that’s okay and I do love a little small talk but a mix is best I think.

And I am now a twitter whore!

I blame Deeleea.

Which is fair because she blames me for getting up to dance the nutbush when she CLEARLY wanted to.

‘Sif she wanted to just sit at the table, drink wine and chat. 🙂

Anyway in the space of 24 hours I found myself tweeting all sorts of rubbish:  The price of scrambled eggs, the navigation fail on the ferry, the wet wet weather… why does it always come down to weather with me?

And I was checking in to #ausblogcon2011 every few minutes checking in on my new bloggy friends.

Today I’ve noticed that the behaviour has continued.


Oh yeah I remember you.

One of the things to come out of the Social Media section was the thought that creating a page for your blog was better than using your personal profile.

And if you’re using it to add value to your blog well maybe it is.

Do I want to go there?

Maybe. Once the twittermoon is over… *cringes at dreadful mash-up of Twitter and Honeymoon*

So I learned a few things, was inspired to blog some more, and met some fantastic people.

People I hope to keep up with in the future both in person and of course on Twitter.

Hey I met River!  A regular commenter on this blog!

sorry the photo is a bit blurry

And shout outs to Kelly who sat next to me and had magnetic cards (very sexy), Ally who came up and said hi (yay!) and Rebecca who convinced me to have one too many cocktails at the open bar welcome drinkies. But weren’t they delicious!

There is a full list of attendees here.

I can also see myself going to the 2012 conference.

I think the organisers have learned a lot.

Personally, I’d like to see sessions on “form versus content”…  maybe a debate?, “must have widgets”, “effective graphics/banners/images” to name a few.

It would be good to get some concurrent sessions looking at various blogging platforms – blogger, wordpress etc so you can ask questions,  maybe get some tips and tricks, news, how to get the best out of your chosen platform.

Maybe something on cool apps – for both iphone and android.

Maybe there could be breakout socialising sessions for various blogging niches – mummy bloggers, personal bloggers, craft bloggers, dads, food, reviews, fashion – that might also encourage a greater range of bloggers to attend.

Yep I reckon you need two days.

The dinner dance was a revelation.

I thought goodness, whose going to want to go to a practically 100% female dinner dance?

But it was so nice to dress up and chat with all these lovely women.

And to be honest, you bloody blokes don’t dance anyway.

And we did dress up.

Which goes to show that we don’t dress for men.

I wonder if next year there’ll be a more even gender balance?

Gawd I’ve waffled on haven’t I?

Well one last observation for now:

Hand dryer

Have you had a go drying your hands in one of these?

I’m not sure they are as effective as the slogan suggests but they are SUCH good fun!

Tragically your correspondent was seen wetting her hands just so she could dry them again.

So yay.

Great conference, great city, great stories and great fun.

Read more here from Aussie Bloggers

[note that the makers of the hand-dryer did sponsor the dinner dance but this mention is not sponsored at all. I don’t have one of their vacuum cleaners and am very happy with the one I have… especially as Groover does the vacuuming anyway]


Media140 Perth

So I’m at the Media140 conference in Perth – a conference about tweeting and facebooking and blogging and the impact of social media on marketing and corporations.

Some of the issues already raised are ones I think most corporations are facing – especially those who already have a social profile – like radio stations etc… you know the whole what people should be able to say online, what if they bring your brand into disrepute one night after consuming a bottle of Tequila…

One of the more interesting speakers this morning was Jared Woods who is the Communications Manager with SKM – an engineering firm.

I guess I never considered that even engineering firms would have to deal with social media.

One of their policies at SKM (which I assume got past the board once the board learned what Facebook was) is that if you say you work for the company you need to abide by the Avatar Dress Code – which is basically you should dress in your picture as you might for work.

Fair enough.

In fact… I think that’s a good policy.

There was a lot of talk of monitoring what staff say about your brand using Google alerts and something called Social Mention.

I’m sitting here listening to a session on brand reputation and it is a vexed issue.

I get that.

But I think it is also a vexed issue for “private” bloggers/tweeters/facebookers.

Increasingly,  work and home life is blurring online.

I’ve been writing this blog for myself since 2002.  

Before Facebook, before twitter, before my work had computers on every desk (okay… not quite that long).

I use a handle rather than my name, I don’t mention where I work (although many of you may have guessed), I have two Facebook accounts – one for work and one for personal stuff.

So does that mean I can write what I like on this blog?

I mean obviously I’m not going to slag off work or my colleagues but maybe I shouldn’t be writing posts about my new underwear policy.

How much do I allow the work filter to affect my choices on this blog – on my twitter feed?

And of course while I can try and control what is in the personal bucket and what is in the work bucket, I can’t control what others do.

For example my personal twitter account has been linked in with other people’s twitter lists – using my work as a tag.

So now my personal profile is linked to work.

Not my doing. 

Does it mean my personal handle is compromised to such an extent that I can’t write what I like?

My feeling is no.

But that could be my heart more than my head.

I love this space to write about things that take my fancy.  To write about my life.

I would hate to lose it and start again.

So have you dealt with this issue?

What is your feeling?

Ten years younger

not so grey

Okay maybe not ten…

In many ways now that I’ve decided to dye my hair again I feel as if I’ve given up.


I think it’s better to feel it rather than look it!

I had lunch today with a friend who I haven’t seen in about six months.  She has a new man, is going for a new job and looks happier than I’ve seen her in a while.

I love that about female friendships.

You might not see eachother for ages as life – lets face it – does get in the way but when you get back together it’s as if you have been in touch every week.

I guess male friendships are the same?

For bloggers out there… I’m writing this on Wordpress 2.7.  I like it.  I like the layout, the groovy new functions like get plugin – oh that makes life easy, and well… all of it.

You might see a few new functions on the site as I’ve got lots of new toys to play with.

Let me know what you think, especially if it gets too cluttered.

If you use WordPress and haven’t upgraded – do it.  It’s worth it

And oh, Twitter.  I am fast realising what a time-waster that is.  I hardly had time to scratch myself between tweets today.  Lucky I had the day off!

Tweet tweet tweet

I have broken through the twitter barrier.

It has taken me some time to jump on the twitter bandwagon and I’m not sure why.

It was work that did it.

We were playing with twitter today, working out how to use it, encouraging our team to have a go and I thought… well maybe I should try it.

So I did.

It’s really quite addictive as twitterers out there will know.

I think maybe because it is SO easy.

I think the important things I’ve learned so far are:

  • Change your background ASAP so you look like a real person
  • Follow people who follow you
  • Reply to others by putting an @ symbol before their username
  • Enjoy the ride because it is one!

If you want to follow my tweets go to

I’d love to see you and follow you in return!

The questions I have for bloggers though – does Twitter improve your page accesses or not?

And do you find that you have less time for blogging if you are active on Twitter?