Seeing clearly

glassesHere I type, wearing my new spectacles. Still getting used to the whole deal, in particular the change in focus to the screen. Reading is so clear I can’t believe I could read before!

They are different to how I remember them too. I didn’t think you could see the blue at the front and I thought the arms were blue – they are on the other side. And they are wider across my face.

So here is where you tell me that I look vastly more intelligent and way younger! 🙂

Man this multifocal thing makes me feel dizzy!

I could hardly bear to listen to the news today – that whole Virginia Tech massacre chilled me and then the story of the 14-yr-old boy left me feeling sick. I am feeling poorly anyway because I’m getting a cold. But a glass of white and two cold tablets is helping that.

Did anyone see South Park (World of Warcraft episode) last night. The best episode I’ve seen. Hilarious.

Meanwhile, I cleaned out the back room today and discovered my old roller blades. As Numberoneson has the same size feet as me at the moment I thought he could have a go but Junior Poshi got in first and has not taken them off. Note to self: Must get knee pads.