My new toy

Nice phone but no flash... wish I knew that before I bought it...

So I’ve got myself a new smart phone and what a timewaster it is.

It’s a Samsung galaxy and apart from the fact that it doesn’t have a flash, it is very gorgeous indeed.

I don’t get why there isn’t a flash though.

You would think every one would want a flash and I didn’t even think to check as I assumed it would have one.

Not very smart.

Still apart from it’s flash-less-ness, it’s a lovely device and I can see I’ll be most distracted by it in the weeks to come.

I have access to my own copy of Angry Birds.

And oh that’s right… A new phone number as well.

Email me if you want it.

Or call me on my work number.


My son reminds me that my phone does record in HD video though so I won’t complain too loudly… although I will be complaining because if there is no flash – recording at night – even in HD – will be lame.