Why Twitter may save live television

I am really enjoying the Olympics.

Me. Not known for liking to watch sport. Indeed, I’d much rather catch up with an episode or two of Project Runway.

The marathon, the diving, the trap shooting (possibly if they ever showed it), the equestrian events.

I love it.

Especially the rowing.

But why And why these Olympics?

Today as I sat on my lardy arse, tablet on my knee, glass of wine by my side, watching London 2012, it came to me. Twitter.

Watching sport is so much more fun with your friends.

Or even, random people you hardly know.

It’s why people still go to cinemas. To the footy when there’s a much better view on the telly.

It’s the collective experience.


It could be the savior of live television.

I rarely watch live tv.

I can’t stand the ads so everything I watch is recorded.

But I do make an appointment at 7.30pm on Monday to watch QandA.

Sure I could watch it at 9.30 but if I watch it in real time I can participate in the giant virtual theatre known as Twitter.

I may never get a tweet on the telly, but I can comment and discuss the show with everyone else as we all watch it together.

I see the comments on Masterchef on my way home from work… And I feel ripped off.

I have to wait two hours to catch up.

It puts me off watching.

But if I could watch it live, I might even tune in and put up with the ads, just to participate.

So here’s my theory.

For live television to survive, it has to become event television. Appointment television.

We are seeing the beginnings now.

But I think Drama could go the same way.

Find a reason for us to chat during the show and I’ll tune in live.

Just saying.

And meantime…

Go Aussies!

Project Runway Australia – yes I’m addicted

For those of you who haven’t caught Project Runway this is a snippet from Episode One of Project Runway Australia.

I fell in love with the US series. Some of the girls in the office have Foxtel and started talking about it. Then we started getting preview tapes. Now I live for the mailbag.

Will I get Foxtel?

Probably not. I really don’t need any more screen time.

Oooooh but I’m tempted. 🙂

Here’s what happened at the end of Episode One:

I think the US version just might work

And I might even want to watch it.

I’m talking about the American version of Kath & Kim. Iconic Australian comedy. It’s hard to imagine the Yanks getting “our humour” right but I don’t know, the ads look… funny.

Kath’s hair is not so frizzy, Kim’s love handles less obvious, Kel not so daggy – but y’know I didn’t hate it… I hope we get to see it in Australia…

What do you think?

And for those bloggers out there who sometimes find themselves at the computer wondering what on earth to write – check out the Lazy Blogger’s Post Generator – and you can post like me:

Darling I just had a cup of tea and realised I have not updated this since you last visited… You would not believe the amount of people that are totally stalking me. Seriously!.

I am absolutely consumed with keeping up with my favourite daytime soaps, playing The Sims, just generally being a coach to the local soccer team, my day seems to be a litany of stuff and giggles from sun-up to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am beyond drunk most of the time. but never say never.

I send you kisses and I will write something that makes sense soon. Until then I need your shoulder to cry on. Unless of course the pool with the cocktail bar is heated!.

Big Brother is not watching you (for much longer)

It’s over. It’s (relatively) safe to go back to your television sets. After the final early next week BB is closing up shop in Australia. I, for one, am over it. Even the die-hard fans in my office haven’t bothered tuning in.

As TelevisionAU points out – given that BB couldn’t even attract more viewers than Wayne Swann delivering his budget speech (okay it was his first one) – it is not really that surprising.

Wayne or Travis?  Australia chose Wayne on Budget night... not Big Brother.
Sorry Travis, you and your boring band of followers failed to distract Australians from a night in with Wayne.

In other (geeky) news, I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 tonight. I had high hopes of the Press it feature making it easier to insert Flickr photos but it didn’t really do what I had hoped. And for some reason when I upload images they now go to the wrong place. Sigh. I don’t like the caption function much because it doesn’t differentiate the caption from the text.

I like the plug-in page revamp… haven’t really played with the other stuff yet but I can tell you that the word count is 182. 🙂

Tissue v Handkerchief: has the war been won?

I was watching Moving Wallpaper on ABC2 tonight. Have you caught that show yet? It is a sit com about the making of a soap – Echo Beach – and it precedes the soap on the schedule so that you watch the making of and then sit back and watch the soap itself.

Moving Wallpaper

I love it. It’s a lot of fun seeing how the plot reflects the lives of the writers and the kooky things that you wouldn’t even notice if you just watched the soap but that leap out at you because you know why they were there. It’s like you’ve been let in on the secret. Very funny.

Echo Beach

Anyway the reason I brought all that up was that in one scene the Producer – Jonathan Pope – offers one of his staff – Sam – a handkerchief just after he diagnoses her with “soap fever” where the writers live and breathe the soap and lose perspective.

And I thought who uses handkerchiefs these days? I mean who, apart from my dad, actually carries a snotrag round with them?

And how often do you actually find someone to cry into it before you blow your nose?

And what’s the etiquette anyway… if someone lends you their hankie and you do end up filling it with mucous – do you give it back?

Or is it de rigeur to wash it first and post it back later?

Perhaps you’re supposed to carry around a little plastic bag in order to give it back to them in so they don’t get your germs and if that’s the case – wouldn’t it be easier to just carry tissues?

Yes they get everywhere – and oh what a bugger it is when they are left in your pocket and go through the wash – but IMHO tissues beat handkerchiefs any day.

Am I alone?

Can clothes save a relationship?

Trinny and SusannahI’m watching Trinny and Susannah Undress some random couple and through clothes they are saving their relationship… or trying to.

The first thing they noticed was that both had “given up” in what they were wearing.

(I’m sitting here in trakky daks, ugg boots and *Trinny shudders* polo fleece.)

So they got them to go out and buy an outfit for eachother – an outfit they are really keen to see the other in.

I thought this was a really interesting exercise. What would your partner buy for you? And what would it say about how they see you?

He bought the high heels and sexy lingerie as part of his outfit. She bought him a pink shirt, proper trousers and closed in shoes… but slip on – she was thinking of him.

Trinny and Susannah don’t pull their punches… much like their boob show where they pulled and prodded everyone’s tits this time they are quite incisive in their comments. Things like “you talk to him like he’s a child”. Pretty confronting.

Then they get naked (in silhouette) and talk about what they like about eachother’s bodies. That’s pretty confronting. And their sex lives. And their infidelities. That’s really confronting.

At first I was really sceptical but they stay away from marriage counselling – a good thing – and head to the shops and new clothes.

Say what you like about T&S, they know their clothes.

I confess to tearing up at the end.

Who knows whether the second honeymoon will last. How much difference can clothes really make?

Sounds like a good excuse for a trip to the shops!

A grand design

Today I thought I’d write about my favourite television program of the week. Yes even more than Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares or Desperate Housewives, the show I most look forward to is Grand Designs… on ABC1 at 6.05pm on a Thursday… and there’s an earlier series shown on Tuesdays at 11.00am.

What I love about this show is the dreams that fuel it.

Kevin McLeod is the host and he can speak several European languages, an impressive addition to his passionate love for the subject and obvious regard for his subjects – both human and material.

Every episode Kevin follows the journeys of people who want to build their dream house. From modest budgets to magnificent, every design has vision and a story behind it. And no build is without its challenges.

We watched Tuesday’s episode yesterday of an Irish couple who were building an LA inspired mansion on a steeply sloping block. Today’s was of an English couple in Tuscany, lovingly restoring a derelict castle having coped with 4 years of Italian bureaucracy. One of my favourites was an older couple building a Roman inspired guesthouse in Southern Italy for just 19,000 pounds. Extraordinary and inspiring, and another of a couple who’d lived in a shed for over 13 years, who built this fantastic house out of wood – a bespoke kit home from Norway. It was beautiful.

Bespoke is one of Kev’s favourite words. 🙂

Now we may never build our own home – in many ways I can’t think of anything worse – but watching these people turn their dreams into brick and wood and mortar is inspiring. It’s a program of hope. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Great to watch such positive energy, to absorb it through our telly.

Everytime I watch this show I think “You know what? We should do this show in Australia.” I’d have like to have seen it done on the house opposite us for example or my cousin’s house… both amazing houses… and they must be the tip of the iceberg.

After all – building your own home is the Australian Dream.

The question is who would be the host – could there be another Kevin McCloud somewhere down under?

Television ratings and Gordon Ramsey

I love him, you may not... the question is should his show be on tv at 8.30?I love him. You may not. The question is given the level of “coarse language” should Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant programs – eg Kitchen Nightmares – be shown on free-to-air television as early as 8.30pm?

Today the radio was filled with talkback… yes still talking about Troy Buswell but also about the amount of swearing on Gordon Ramsey’s popular program “Kitchen Nightmares”. This show is on at 8.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights and is rated M for coarse language.

Ramsey’s feedback style is… direct. If you haven’t caught his show before he is more likely than not to say to some hapless chef ” What the f*&k is this? It’s f*^king sh!t. Call yourself a f$#king chef?!”

I haven’t counted how many swear words he might say but put it this way – he doesn’t hold back.

One night, albeit when it was on a later timeslot, I even heard the C-word dropped. My jaw hit my chest in disbelief… did I really hear that word on FTA telly?

I love his show though. I tune in every night, record it to miss the ads, and settle in with my cuppa to watch him take apart a restaurant and make a success of it and he obviously rates otherwise the TV execs wouldn’t schedule his show three nights a week…

There’s no doubt though that he is a bully in the way he gives his feedback. It might make good telly but I would hate to have anyone treat me as he treats these restaurant owners who presumably sign up for some Sado-Masochism – Gordon Ramsey style.

But that is all by-the-by… should his show, given the level of coarse language (very high) be allowed to be screened at 8.30?

What say you, my friend?

BB08 – could it get any worse?

Last week the most popular search terms which ended up at my blog were “Rima” and “Rima bb08”. Now that of course was because last Friday night on BB08, Rima broke her leg during FNL and so I imagine there were a few worried viewers wondering what had happened to their favourite – now what was the term Ben used? Ah that’s right – height challenged housemate.

It was probably also due to the fact that there were a number of “tasteful” photographs, that her husband claims Rima is “quite happy with” circulating the net.


Now BB has sunk to the level of “dwarf porn” – not that Rima is in fact a dwarf, she says she has a very rare condition, so rare in fact that the condition was named after her.

Any normal reality television program might have stopped there, but BB doesn’t know where the line is, so they got together with another fellow who doesn’t know where the line is and asked him if he’d like to enter the house as a guest.

Corey - Aussie Party Boy

Recently described in a seminar I attended as the “Sum of all our fears”, enter Corey Worthington, a minor, aged just 17, now a guest in the freak show that is Big Brother 08.

To supervise him, they’ve challenged the recently evicted nanna, Terri, who cites her influences as Pauline Hanson and so you know, is the modicum of tolerance, with the task of guiding Corey in the house.

Her entry caused a full two minutes of continuous bleeping as the housemates expressed their joy at seeing the oldest ever housemate back again, a housemate they themselves chose to evict.

Channel 10, I can handle the f-word, but call me squeamish, references to dwarf porn after my Sunday roast do disturb me.

Excuse me. I need to shower. I feel a little dirty.

Big Brother 08

Rima from BB08I’ve been debating with myself as to whether I’ll post about BB08. At first I thought I’d be a bit Rodney Olsen and do the “I don’t think so” deal… but then I thought well, I’ll watch the freak show for the first night and just see…

Well I saw.

The short, the old, the fat and the ugly. The Barbie doll, the boobs, the surfie and the fireman.

And now they have to sacrifice one of their own on first impressions.


What would you reveal – or not reveal – about yourself if you were trying to convince someone you’ve only just met to let you stay?

Will Rebecca talk about her hygiene paranoia for example?

Will Rory mention his anti-religion status – or David his strong faith?

Travis might not want to openly reveal he’s in it for the money… and he’s a church regular too. Hmmm maybe Rory had better keep quiet.

Chosen for their opposing views and likelihood to clash with each other, they are walking a minefield.

And if they say nothing? They might just be kicked out just for being boring.

Hmmm I might not mention my…

PS: If you missed it, Jen Live Blogged it.