Ennuin Easter

EnnuinWe spent the last four days at Ennuin Station with some good friends from Hong Kong. It must of been such a culture shock for them after more than two years in Asia to be plonked down in the spare vast landscape of outback WA. The heat was so stifling that all we could do when they arrived was look at each other and wonder what the hell we were doing there – aren’t there beaches in WA??!

Then that night it rained. The 4mm cooled us down, the bush came alive with all its beautiful scents and Lake Deborah glistened in the early morning dew.

We walked to the lake and the kids had a ball skidding and sliding over the salty mud. Were not that happy when it dried on them leaving them with stinging limbs and a long walk home but they didn’t complain too much. It had been worth it.
Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin

In the afternoon my friend and I, both graduates of Agricultural Science, put our four years of hard study to work and fed the cows a couple of bales of hay. The kids got to ride on the hay in the back of the trailer and I finally understood why my Uncle D used to give us a long bit of baling twine to hold with a stick tied to the end when we used to go on hay rides with him down at Vasse. It keeps them sitting on the hay watching the stick!

Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin

We lit a campfire that night as the sun set behind us and the moon rose over Lake Deborah, and used the coals to heat two old iron baths on the ridge. And we soaked and sipped wine, put our heads back to wonder at the milky way… “hey it actually looks milky there are so many stars…” Not a bad part of the world to be in.

Ennuin Ennuin Ennuin