A sticking point does not mar perfection

ravioli with pumpkin, preserved lemon and sage sauce... yum

I went to dinner at Unraveled last night.

Took some doing.

Mainly because in my head I thought I was trying to book “Entangled”.

Which isn’t a bad name for a pasta restaurant I thought.

Anyhow I couldn’t find a reference to my imagined destination online but I could find the number to the restaurant it used to be – The Twisted Fork – so I rang that number and we were in!

I think they call them selves Unraveled because that is how they present their menu.

You choose the pasta, the protein and the sauce separately.

So many of the sauces sounded delicious.

I tried the mushroom sauce with chicken and saffron linguine – which was a special kind of divine.

And the spinich and ricotta ravioli with pumpkin, preserved lemon and sage was also delicious.

The bread and butter pudding with white chocolate and raspberry – diet starts today!

The service – friendly and prompt.

My one question.

Should you take the sticker off the lime before you serve it?


That’s what I think.

At Ezra Pound

Drinking shiraz and enjoying the atmos

I discovered a new bar in town last night.

A bar that made me feel like I was in Melbourne.

Maybe it was the street art vibe…

street art

Maybe it was the fact I was out on in Northbridge with friends for the second night in a week.

Ezra Pound was of course a famous American poet at the turn of the previous century – I’m not terribly familiar with his work – a quick read of Wikipedia makes me think he wasn’t all that pleasant a chap – although in his favour he did convince people to publish one of my favourite poets – TS Eliot.

Do not move
 Let the wind speak
  that is paradise.
Let the Gods forgive what I
  have made
Let those I love try to forgive
  what I have made.
from Canto 120, Ezra Pound

 Anyway, the man himself aside, it’s a great little bar.
Loved the exposed brick, the couches and chairs inside, the outdoor seating, the decorated fence.
I missed it completely the first time – it’s down a little alleyway just a few doors down from The Bird on William Street if you’re heading towards the Brass Monkey.
Oh and speaking of monkeys… or rather Great Apes… we had a very lively discussion of the play we’d just been to see at The Blue Room – Wish.
If you’ve read the book by Peter Goldsworthy you’ll know why.
When JJ – the hearing son of deaf parents – agrees to teach Sign to the mysterious Eliza, he embarks on a voyage of discovery that takes him to the outer limits of language, science, nature, ethics – and love.
For me the play was about living in two worlds but fitting in in neither.
And it also raised the question:  Does love justify your actions?
I’m not sure it’s the get-out-of-jail-free card that the romantics would have us believe.
Have you read the book?  Seen the play?
What do you think?
Happy to be at this bar

Tapas in Fremantle

After Tapas

We checked out Gypsy Tapas in Fremantle and you know what?

It was good.

They offer an all you can eat for $40/head option but we were stuffed by plate 11 so I suspect you wouldn’t get great value for the all you can eat option unless you were a real piggy pig.

And we had a couple of bottles of Sav Blanc to wash it down so it wasn’t surprising that we struggled to finish our drinks at the Norfolk some time later…

My drink was left half undrunk... while I on the other hand...

Yeah so that was Gypsy Tapas.

Great casual dining.

Lovely food.

Excellent service.

Harvesting a good time

Liz Green performed while we ate.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with some close friends at Harvest in Fremantle.

We chose Harvest because it was in our Entertainment Book (so we got a discount) and it was half way between our houses.

And as a bonus – right next to our table – Liz Green sang for us.

Liz was in Perth as part of the One Movement festival this weekend – now that is cool – having the festival come to you!

Liz is from Manchester and her first song was a capella – impressive.

Groover and the Abstar

The food was very fancy.

I had the beef lasagne for an entree – which was steak tartare with a parmesan crunchy top – it might sound… unusual but it tasted delicious.

I liked my venison sausage and black bean casoulet less but it was still very nice.

Groover had the chicken salad with popcorn – I must say the popcorn put me off ordering this but on tasting it – omg – delicious – and the peas tasted fresh from the garden.

That's me and the Evstar

We’re loving the Entertainment book – definitely got my money’s worth – and will probably get one next year too.

Plus you’re encouraged to try new places.

Win win.

Popcorn chicken salad: It tasted a LOT better than it looks... trust me.

Two days in Sydney

Following my last post, after two days in Sydney I can no longer fit into my daughter’s size 5 jeans (size 5 is about a 9 in real language).

A pork roll from James’s favourite cheap lunch spot.


At least I have avoided all the yummy pastries from the (count them) five gorgeous bakeries that surround our hotel.

The food in Sydney is cheap and delicious and so difficult to not eat.

The first night we went to a little Vietnamese place in Surry Hills (or was it Darlinghurst) called Phamish.

They started serving at 6pm and there was a queue waiting to be seated (including us).

The highlight – the to-die-for duck and prawn rolls – watching mum eat one and then realise they had prawns in them was priceless.

We’ve also gone to see Wicked – the musical.

Clever story, great music and amazing set and costumes.

We had a brilliant time.

Last night I went with my sister to the Cinema Verona to see an Italian film called I am Love – starring Tilda Swinton.

The Italians have a very different approach to film making – lots of loud crashing music and close ups.

Good film though.

And walking down Oxford St late at night was fun too.

Today… I’m not sure what we’re doing… something touristy before the exhibition opening probably.

Then drinkies and art.

Photos to come.

Tasting Pink Zulu

A couple of new restaurant/wine bars have opened near us and today we popped into one of them, Pink Zulu, to check it out.

The coffees were great as was the hot chocolate but for Dippity the highlight was the Zulu Rose dessert.

Almond and date filo coil, vanilla bean ice cream, rose syrup and fairy floss. 16

My favourite was the Kefta, complete with cinnamon stick… er stick. 

Perfect for those of us on a carb-free diet.

Kefta lamb with harissa and minted yoghurt.  19

In case you’re wondering, those numbers are the prices.

Yes dahling, so vulgar to put the dollar sign don’t you think?

The food is not cheap but I can tell you it is delicious, and the Zulu Rose dessert is spectacular.

And… I like the decor, although I did have a private chuckle to myself when a patron arrived in a black and white animal print jacket… she quite blended in.

More about Pink Zulu

Lunch at Mosmans

The girls:


The grandmas:


The daughters:


The daddy:


And me:


We met for lunch at Mosmans to discuss Christmas.

A serious subject indeed.

Who would cook what?

What time? Actually I’m not sure we discussed that apart from a general understanding of “evening”.

What are we doing about presents?

And the answers?

Well we’re doing roast vegies and a non-Christmas-pudding desert… and after that I concentrated on my delicious wild mushroom risotto and scallops.

Pata Negra Restaurant Review

See… now the logo makes sense!

I don’t usually do restaurant reviews on this blog but Friday night we went to Pata Negra, the new Tapas bar open on Stirling Highway… opposite my fave Vietnamese restaurant TQR.

It was fantastic.

The food was ALL good.

Of course I am rubbish when it comes to Tapas.

There are simply too many choices… hey I have trouble enough trying to decide between still and sparkling water.

But I have a secret Spanishy-bits weapon.


He is GREAT at ordering Tapas. Who knew?

We had some amazing Iberico ham – melt in the mouth – and you have to have it, after all the restaurant is named after it.

We had olives, mushrooms, asparagus with walnuts, mountain bread and Tsziki dip, eggplant fritters and to finish pork belly.

If I go back I’ll be ordering the eggplant fritters and probably the asparagus and definitely the pork belly.

OMG it was sublime.

Other reviews:  Abstract Gourmet, Gourmet Traveller, AceHighWine

A perfect life

What would you do next if you were at the top of your game in a Melbourne restaurant?

Open another restaurant?

Get even more busy?


Well the fellow who runs this place got it right I reckon.

He has a restaurant in Albany which he opens when he feels like it.

Maybe he’ll open the whole restaurant, maybe he’ll just take a table of six, maybe he’ll go fishing and not show up for a week.

When my colleague wanted to hold a Christmas lunch there, he said yes but they had to have their orders in two days before and they ended up being the only ones in the restaurant.

This is not a place you can just roll up to and hope to get a table and so I will never ever dine there. 

I like to think of my life as spontaneous but in reality I’m just disorganised.

But I kind of like his attitude.

He obviously cooks for the pleasure of it and you can imagine the food he prepares will be made with a light heart.

And isn’t that what we want?

Not just from a chef but from whatever job we are doing, from whatever service we require?

I’m going to work on that light heart stuff.


Oh, and apparently the food this guy prepares is fantastic.

No surprises there.

Lunch at Cape Clairault

For our anniversary lunch, Groover took me out to Cape Clairault, Yallingup.

OMG the food is to die for.  See menu.

This was Groover’s starter. The food is not cheap. The starters were about $20 each. They were perfect.

Tempura prawns with zuchini flowers and peach slices.

Oh and our starters weren’t on the menu as they were both specials.

I had ravioli (actually I think the pasta was that one that is shaped like a belly button) with Exmouth scallops. Every mouthful a winner here too.

We both had seafood curry for mains.

fresh fish, rich yellow curry, pumpkin, coconut sambal, fragrant salad, cucumber relish, aromatic rice – $38

I loved the way the barramundi and pumpkin was separate from the sauce. It meant that the delicate flavour of the fish wasn’t overpowered by the curry.

The salad was lovely too.

We followed with a shared dessert – a lovely light citrus thing with some kind of puff pastry and some kind of icecream that was fizzy.  It was almost like sherbert.  But not.

sticky cumquat tartlet, passionfruit curd, cointreau marshmallow, cardamom parfait – $14

And bleu de basque cheese.

As I said – not a cheap meal – but every mouthful was exquisite.

A special occasion for sure.