Harvesting a good time

Liz Green performed while we ate.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with some close friends at Harvest in Fremantle.

We chose Harvest because it was in our Entertainment Book (so we got a discount) and it was half way between our houses.

And as a bonus – right next to our table – Liz Green sang for us.

Liz was in Perth as part of the One Movement festival this weekend – now that is cool – having the festival come to you!

Liz is from Manchester and her first song was a capella – impressive.

Groover and the Abstar

The food was very fancy.

I had the beef lasagne for an entree – which was steak tartare with a parmesan crunchy top – it might sound… unusual but it tasted delicious.

I liked my venison sausage and black bean casoulet less but it was still very nice.

Groover had the chicken salad with popcorn – I must say the popcorn put me off ordering this but on tasting it – omg – delicious – and the peas tasted fresh from the garden.

That's me and the Evstar

We’re loving the Entertainment book – definitely got my money’s worth – and will probably get one next year too.

Plus you’re encouraged to try new places.

Win win.

Popcorn chicken salad: It tasted a LOT better than it looks... trust me.

Love over gold

I was searching for a CD tonight.

And this is what my poor eyes saw.


I really hate the fact I need my glasses to find a frigging CD.

You see I knew I had Love Over Gold by Dire Straits.

It was one of the first albums I ever bought.

Yes on vinyl.

I think Complete Madness was the first and then Love Over Gold and that’s because a young man was obsessed by Dire Straits and he took me to the concert (at the Entertainment Centre… remember that?).

He was really into guitar playing and would play me guitar and Dire Straits and I thought he was sweet, although I wasn’t really into him.

I liked the music.

It felt rather cool at the time I thought.

You are probably spitting your coffee over the screen at this point but I did think it was cool.

I liked Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Madness.

I was 16.

Anyway Love Over Gold was one of the first CDs I bought too.

I started buying CDs long before I had a CD player.

I could see the writing was on the wall.

And when our CD collection was stolen in 1994 I felt sure I would have insisted on buying Love Over Gold again.

Dire Straits and in particular this album was a favourite.

For goodness sakes it had only 5 tracks and one of them was more than 14 minutes long.

And one of them was Industrial Disease.

I knew all the words. 


The other Mark Knopfler CD I really liked was the soundtrack to The Princess Bride – my favourite movie.

So why was I so keen to find it?

Well today I heard a track and I could have sworn it was a Dire Straits tune from this album with new words.

Can’t remember the words or even the artist as I was so indignant that they should steal Mark’s work!

So I thought I’d better listen again to his fantastic guitar playing and remind myself.

Of course as I can’t compare them it is a moot exercise but I am enjoying the journey back down memory lane.

I’m 16 again (and saving myself for university).

A perfect Sunday lunch


How good is this diet I’m on?

In the last two weeks I’ve lost about four kilos, I’ve not given up wine and I get to have lunches like this.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese wheels – easy and delicious – with a light salad.

There was a light breeze as I sat outside on my reclining camper chair eating my salad and thinking that the world was a pretty good place to be in.

Speaking of salads… here’s a little rant.

Why do restaurants – in particular perhaps those that aren’t so great – overdo salads?

The one on this plate has some rocket leaves, one chopped spring onion, some sliced cucumber and yellow capsicum.

Simple and delicious.

A salad I had the other day at a restaurant had so many competing flavours I felt sick by the end of it.

It’s unnecessary.

I’m writing this listening to my new iTunes purchase – Elbow‘s The Seldom Seen Kid.

Strange name for a band don’t you think?

Stranger if they’d decided to call themselves after the inside of the elbow… you know… that little crease on your arm that has no name.

I guess then that little crease would have a name.

You know, maybe I should give up on the wine.

Speaking of which…

I’ve just volunteered to host four kids going to my daughter’s school’s drama weekend.

Are you okay with Halal cooking I’m asked.

LOL – I don’t even know what that is.

Something to do with the meat is slaughtered no?

So I say yes, whatever and then my daughter tells me she’s not even doing the weekend because I didn’t fill out some form.

How very irritating.

I put my headphones in, turn Elbow up loud and go to a better place.

UPDATE: And then discover that iTunes didn’t download the album properly and I’m missing two tracks including the one I actually bought the album for. I don’t know, you do the right thing and throw money at the problem and you end up wishing you’d got your teenage son to steal it for you. (Note… that was a joke. As if I’d admit to being THAT bad a parent on a public blog)

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton from the Where's Eric websiteI was lucky enough to be invited to the Eric Clapton concert tonight. The tickets were amazing – second row, centre.

Eric Clapton does not look like a rock star. This was a concert for people who love great music not teenyboppers looking for eye candy.. He’s what 60? He looks like an old man. He wears very unfashionable glasses. But he can play the guitar like an angel.

He had some serious guitar players with him on-stage. Derek Trucks – who was awesome – and incidentally the youngest player to make the Rolling Stone top 100 guitarists of all time… (can you name the two women in the top 100?) and a guy called Doyle Bramhall II (who was taking photos on-stage using the timing device on his SLR!). The drummer Steve Jordan was great too – very… enthusiastic. Eric knows how to pick a band…even the pianist is world renowned… apparently.

There was a mix of old and new – he used the full band and did solo acoustic pieces – it was a well crafted concert.

I was a little disappointed he didn’t interact much with the audience but then I guess he let his guitar speak for him.

It was weird because even though he is brilliant, he didn’t really have that rock star prescence. It was almost like the band playing with no lead singer…

I was glad I went and my thanks to my gracious hostess. 🙂

…did you work out the two women in the top 100 guitarists of all time (2003) list?


I know that my hackles rise when someone disses my city and I try not to take it personally but I thought it an odd way to begin a concert last night by describing your host city as “quite nice”.

What was that about?

Dianne Reeves said she’d spent a little more time here than she had on her last visit in 1991 and she found Perth “quite nice and I like the wine.”

Well I found her concert, under the stars at Lake Karrinyup Country Club quite nice and I liked the wine (too much) as well.

I even saw the comet.

I thought her concert was a lovely background sound to playing cards and catching up with some great friends. Yes occasionally she said or sang something that caused me to look up but mostly I didn’t get into it.

I found her continual reverance and reference to her idol (Sarah Vaughn) over the top and boring – sure talk about it once but then move on lady – and her song selection for the most part – pedestrian. I was very disappointed with her final song – she left us on a low rather than a high.

But as I say, I wasn’t really there for the concert and we sat on our picnic blanket until the last bus left.

We had a great time, and I wish I liked Jazz enough to really appreciate the concert, but I suspect it wasn’t even that great a Jazz concert anyway.

Maybe in the end I did take her comment too personally. 🙂


Just in case you were wondering… the Sting concert down at Leeuwin Estate was fantastic.

We drove straight there from Perth and arrived early – about 3.15 – the gates opened at five so we sat in the middle of a dusty windy paddock eating our picnic nibblies and talking. The time past quickly and soon the gates were open and it was a mad rush to the parking area – the coaches – lots of them – racing the cars it seemed. As soon as cars got stopped to be directed to park, people leapt out of the back seats and RAN for the entrance. We sent of Mandi and Mike while we were parked relatively closely to the gate.

We were in the first wave of people entering the amphitheatre and so found ourselves relatively close to the action and the $1000/head seats at the front.

It was lovely sitting their in the sunshine waiting for the concert to start – we caught up with other friends who had also made the trip down – and enjoyed a glass or two of wine and a few more nibblies. The amphitheatre is quite sheltered so the howling wind of the paddock was not in evidence.

The concert was great. I understand most Leeuwin concerts are sitting down affairs – we stood up and danced for the majority of the concert. They tried to sit everyone down but nobody including Sting was having any of that! Rory managed to get to the front – yes in the $1000 a seat area – and really had a great night. It seemed the VIP area was filled with a bunch of miners from Kalgoorlie and I guess balding middle aged men were the go… he wasn’t asked for his pass!

Afterward we stayed on for a while – there were A LOT of very drunk people in the loos – before driving back to Dunsborough. A great midweek interlude.