Navigation fail in Sydney

It's iconic

Gotta love Sydney.

Well I do.

I guess it’s because I spent a couple of months at a critical age in this fair town… and because I consider Sydney to be to Perth’s somewhat brash teenage self an…

Older, gay uncle?

Worldly, confident spinster aunt?

Or is that Melbourne?

Whatever… I love Sydney.

I love the water, the casual confidence of its inhabitants, the fact you can find scrambled eggs and toast for $7 on a Sunday morning.

I know that Perth people are weeping  into their $4.50 coffees right now.

Seven bucks.

Perth prices are outrageous.

But I digress.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, Sydney.

City crush.

Loved this
Gotta love a city with grafitti like this
Loved this memorial to women who came out because of the Irish famine
She looks determined doesn't she... the new St Mary...

So I’m completely in love with Sydney again and I stay with my friend who I lived with way back in the day when I lived and partied in Sydney.

She lived in Greenwich and she still does so I figured I’d catch the ferry over for old times sake.

Those following me on twitter would have seen how the story unfolded:

Cellobella At circular quay waiting for the greenwich ferry. Life is good. 🙂

Cellobella Forgot how much I love the ferry service in sydney. #wanttoliveinsydney 🙂

Cellobella @deeleea totes. It’s such a nice way to get around. Feels like a treat not public transport. 🙂

Cellobella Lol just discovered I’m on completely the wrong ferry. It’s back to circular quay for me. #whatanidiot

Cellobella Bored of being on ferry now #navigationfail

My friend had texted me and when I said oh I was just at Watson’s Bay, rang me to tell me I’d caught a ferry going in completely the opposite direction.

It’s been twenty years since I lived in Sydney.

So I changed ferries…

Me on the RIGHT ferry

And I spent the night in Greenwich and we reminisced about old times…

Going to Rogues…

On our way out to Rogues back in 1991...

OMG yes… check out those clip-on earrings… oh dear me… such glamour.

We drank wine and discussed how we met the drummer of Air Supply and he told us that Mariah Carey was the next big thing.

We talked more about Rogues… well it was our favourite nightclub.

Hey that was a designer dress... stop laughing!

Thought you might like to see the full look.

We haven’t changed a bit!

Okay maybe a bit.

Don’t you love the tassles?

Not enough dresses these days have tassles IMHO.

This was my outfit of choice for going to the casino back in Perth – but I wore it with a waist length wig.

And then it started raining.

And I fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof and actually I didn’t sleep well because it was soooo noisy.

Such a novelty to hear rain though.

*slaps self* This is not going to be a weather post.

Next morning I waited patiently for the rain to stop.

But it was torrential.

And, with a coffee date in the city I had to get going.

‘sif a Perth person is going to have an umbrella!

Monday morning was... wet.

I could feel the rain slide off the back of my jacket, through my top and slip down the back of my jeans.


I was wet wet wet.

But still happy to be in Sydney.

Even though I was a little over the rain.

I dried out about 3pm.

Ahhh my dear Uncle Syd.

See ya next time.

Peeps… Gay uncle?  Worldly older cousin?  What do you think?



So the conference is over and a better organised conference I don’t think I’ve been to.

This btw is really a holding post.

Written from my phone.

Today my plan is to catch a ferry to greenwich to stay with a friend.

Then tomorrow catching up with a few work friends before heading back to perth in time for the first night of the women’s teams.

Bridge of course.

And it’s raining in sydney town!

Remember rain perthites?

I love not being hot so much I am not even going to take a taxi to circular quay.

I certainly won’t look hot after that.

More on the bloggers conference when I get to a computer but for now love to my new bloggy friends.

You are amazing.


Blogging that conference


How does that saying go… It’s as pretty as an airport?

Well I made it.

Packed this morning so probably forgot something important.

Certainly concerned that haven’t brought “right” clothes for the event.  What does one wear to a bloggers conference anyway?

Too late to worry about that now.

Should board shortly. Do I have time for a quick wee?

Not if I keep blogging.

Exciting club!

Sydney here I come!

Ah. Ten minute delay. Excuse me while I powder my nose.

My Sydney adventure in photos

Finally, I have pulled my finger out of my nether regions and got around to posting some photos from our trip to Sydney… last month!

My baby waits for the Chaser to start.

One of the highlights was popping into Ultimo and watching the final Chaser recorded.

For the final they were on the set of At the Movies.

We managed to find the only seats in the audience that are never shown on film.

One of the highlights for me was watching the camera crew.

I’m really only familiar with news studios and in them the cameras are pretty much fixed in place.

On the Chaser set they are moving all the time – it’s quite exciting to watch.

So when you forget your adapter - and you have a US charger - look what you can use!

I know, I know… and odd thing to throw in but it was such a great tip from my living-in-America sister and I had forgotton my adapter.

My sister and me.

Speaking of my sister… I do look rather tanned but that could have been the make-up…

The girls LOVED Wicked! (and I did too)

We went to see Wicked! And I heartily recommend it – really good fun for all ages… well… maybe not really little ones… and it is better if you are familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz… but who isn’t?


My cute niece and nephew who we don’t see enough of. 🙂

Pretty beetle eh?

So we came across this beetle… and that’s the end of that story.

Dippity is a kid magnet.

We caught up with another friend and her two daughters… my Dippity was VERY popular.

My brother thought this horrible facepaint should be immortalised in oil paint... Mum and I aren't quite so sure. 🙂

So now to the exhibition… and I have to start with the one portrait of me.

I was in facepaint for a production of The Curse of the Willy Willy.

I ask you… is it really fair to immortalise us in oil???

My cute niece.

Awww isn’t she just darling?

Dippity was delighted to teach her new cousin how to high five.

A highlight for Dippity was teaching her one year old cousin how to high five.

Gil and I lived together 20 years ago when I moved to Sydney - we used to hang out at a nightclub called Rogues... anyone remember it?

So yeah… Rogues… anyone remember it?

We had a blast dancing there back in the day… er… somewhere around 1990… OMG I am SO old!

I recall wearing a tight dress by George with tassles all over it… ah but that might have to be talked about another day…

Two days in Sydney

Following my last post, after two days in Sydney I can no longer fit into my daughter’s size 5 jeans (size 5 is about a 9 in real language).

A pork roll from James’s favourite cheap lunch spot.


At least I have avoided all the yummy pastries from the (count them) five gorgeous bakeries that surround our hotel.

The food in Sydney is cheap and delicious and so difficult to not eat.

The first night we went to a little Vietnamese place in Surry Hills (or was it Darlinghurst) called Phamish.

They started serving at 6pm and there was a queue waiting to be seated (including us).

The highlight – the to-die-for duck and prawn rolls – watching mum eat one and then realise they had prawns in them was priceless.

We’ve also gone to see Wicked – the musical.

Clever story, great music and amazing set and costumes.

We had a brilliant time.

Last night I went with my sister to the Cinema Verona to see an Italian film called I am Love – starring Tilda Swinton.

The Italians have a very different approach to film making – lots of loud crashing music and close ups.

Good film though.

And walking down Oxford St late at night was fun too.

Today… I’m not sure what we’re doing… something touristy before the exhibition opening probably.

Then drinkies and art.

Photos to come.

Across the Nullabor in pictures

Finally took my photos off my camera – here are a few from my recent trip to Sydney.

Farmland from the window
The farmland was looking reasonably green.

The Nullabor
And then we hit the Nullabor.

A fun night in Sydney
We had a fun night at a cheap and cheerful restaurant… I think it was BBQ King… something like that …yummy Chinesey food anyway.

A fun night in Sydney
Still at the restaurant.

At Henry Henrys
At another bar the next night… but I was good.

Cattle Class
Cattle class on Qantas – I swear the seats are getting closer together.

Red cordial deters thieves

At least I assume that’s why bartenders in our largest city get their customers to deposit their tips in a glass of red cordial.

Bar tips in red cordial

I decided to go and see Billy Elliot tonight as well, I wanted to really. I managed to get a great seat near the front and settled back to enjoy the show. It was interesting. A different focus form the movie and quite moving at times. There were scenes I thought were a bit weird – the dress one? Giant dresses dancing around. A little bizarre.

Tonight was a bit of a dramatic night – yes I know I should expect drama being, as I was, in a theatre – but during the performance Billy bashed his head on the door. We thought all the blood was part of the show but no. He was whisked off to have it seen to, the stage hands mopped the floor and the show started ten minutes later with the understudy – one of the five regular Billys and the one that looked least like the first Billy. Did a great job from a standing start though.

He had to come on for the big audition number.

Overall I really enjoyed the show and the venue – the Capitol Theatre in Sydney – and the experience was even more special as one of my colleagues knew John Xintavelonis – who plays Mr Braithwaite – so we met him at the stage door for a drink with him and his girlfriend who is a dresser and chaperone for the child cast.

It was really interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff and find out if the first Billy was okay – apparently so.

At the pub where we ventured for a drink – the pub of the red cordial – the second with the red cordial thang happening – we came across some guys who go to the show several times a week. They are Friends of Billy. Imagine going multiple – and by multiple I mean many many times – not just two or three times. I can’t.

Anyway. Must to bed. Catch you from the Qantas lounge.

Why you shouldn’t criticise Fashion Week

my little black dressA couple of days ago I was in Sydney for a work shin-dig while Australian Fashion Week was on and I posted a slightly sarcastic post about what a fashionista I was… not.

I waved a trendy vermilion scarf at the fashion gods my friend, and the gods turned to look at me in my LBD and sighed.

That one is tempting fate, they said. And poof! They flicked a finger in my general direction.

The fashion gods give

Oblivious I sashayed downstairs to meet my fellow part-tay goers, enjoy a little pre-dinner drinkie, and hop on the bus.

I love your dress, some cooed and I felt pretty good about my outfit. The ultra-cute Lisa Ho number (okay from last season but I just love it), my S&M boots. I felt hot.

We had the canapes, the entree and a few beverages and I wandered upstairs to the ladies.

The fashion gods take away

Now I should point out that the dress is a little – tight – and despite my best efforts – control tops – it had been a bit of a struggle to zip up.

So I sit down and breathe out and as I do, I feel something give.

A certain tightness across the torso had lessened.

I bring my hand behind my back and realise the horrible truth:

The zip had split. Completely.

A wardrobe malfunction of mammoth proportions and most of the evening to go.

How I survived

Luckily that vermilion scarf I’d waved earlier in the evening was draped, shawl-like, around my shoulders. I pulled it down to cover the zip and walked carefully back to my table. Luckily our table was against the wall and I was able to slip my leather jacket over my dress without exposing my back to an audience. But dancing later? No. I don’t think so.

The Lesson

And that is why I say, my friends, you must never diss the fashion gods or any festival they might choose to support. They have the power to use fashion against you!

Fashion week? A brilliant event for all. That’s what I say… now.

Sydney Harbour

The confident smile of someone who doesn’t realise her zip is about to leave the party without her.