Harvesting a good time

Liz Green performed while we ate.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with some close friends at Harvest in Fremantle.

We chose Harvest because it was in our Entertainment Book (so we got a discount) and it was half way between our houses.

And as a bonus – right next to our table – Liz Green sang for us.

Liz was in Perth as part of the One Movement festival this weekend – now that is cool – having the festival come to you!

Liz is from Manchester and her first song was a capella – impressive.

Groover and the Abstar

The food was very fancy.

I had the beef lasagne for an entree – which was steak tartare with a parmesan crunchy top – it might sound… unusual but it tasted delicious.

I liked my venison sausage and black bean casoulet less but it was still very nice.

Groover had the chicken salad with popcorn – I must say the popcorn put me off ordering this but on tasting it – omg – delicious – and the peas tasted fresh from the garden.

That's me and the Evstar

We’re loving the Entertainment book – definitely got my money’s worth – and will probably get one next year too.

Plus you’re encouraged to try new places.

Win win.

Popcorn chicken salad: It tasted a LOT better than it looks... trust me.

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  1. I’ve never heard of popcorn being used in a salad. I wish you’d included a picture. Is the popcorn treated in any way or is it just plain old popped corn tossed through salad ingredients?

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