Lunch at Cape Clairault

For our anniversary lunch, Groover took me out to Cape Clairault, Yallingup.

OMG the food is to die for.  See menu.

This was Groover’s starter. The food is not cheap. The starters were about $20 each. They were perfect.

Tempura prawns with zuchini flowers and peach slices.

Oh and our starters weren’t on the menu as they were both specials.

I had ravioli (actually I think the pasta was that one that is shaped like a belly button) with Exmouth scallops. Every mouthful a winner here too.

We both had seafood curry for mains.

fresh fish, rich yellow curry, pumpkin, coconut sambal, fragrant salad, cucumber relish, aromatic rice – $38

I loved the way the barramundi and pumpkin was separate from the sauce. It meant that the delicate flavour of the fish wasn’t overpowered by the curry.

The salad was lovely too.

We followed with a shared dessert – a lovely light citrus thing with some kind of puff pastry and some kind of icecream that was fizzy.  It was almost like sherbert.  But not.

sticky cumquat tartlet, passionfruit curd, cointreau marshmallow, cardamom parfait – $14

And bleu de basque cheese.

As I said – not a cheap meal – but every mouthful was exquisite.

A special occasion for sure.

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  1. The bellybutton shaped pasta — tortellini?

    The meal looks brilliant. I’m always on the lookout for great places to eat down south… truly jealous, this meal looks wonderful. I love an expensive meal that is worth every bite (rather than an expensive meal which is a load of bollocks, which too often happens!)

    I hope you enjoyed your anniversary 🙂

  2. WA seafood is fantastic. I order seafood almost every time we go out for dinner at somewhere special, and the best seafood meal I’ve ever had was in WA. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant, but it’s on the beach and it’s famous and oh my god the seafood platter… sigh… I think it was at Cottesloe. Anyway, Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Hi Cellobella, Thank you very much for this fantastic review! I will pass it onto Tim. Here at Clairault we try our very best to create an exceptional food and wine experience, I am glad you enjoyed it.
    Belinda Hopkins – Clairault Winery P.S. I wish all of our guests had their own blogs!

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