Hip to the Groove

Hip to the Groove

This story begins in Bali in 2011.

We were walking along the road with my teenagers and Abi’s teens and we were discussing (I think) how “up with it” Abi and I were.

I said.. “C’mon, I’m hip to the groove…”

Thereby proving I wasn’t and they all fell about laughing.

Fast forward to 2014 and Imogen has been heard using the phrase in conversation to mean “trendy”.

Which is why at a screenprinting course I decided to immortalise Hip to the Groove in ink.

I went to the day long session with my brother Michael (an artist) and the aforementioned Abi who, in her spare time, themes events.

Both fair to say, artistic.

Me, I’m in radio, not a visual medium, unless you count spoken word pictures.

To say I felt a bit intimidated is an understatement.

Anyhow I was pretty happy with my freeform Hip to the Groove design and very happy when the teacher showed me how to do a rainbow print.


Until I showed this photo on my phone to a colleague.

“What’s Kip to the Groove?”



My Sydney adventure in photos

Finally, I have pulled my finger out of my nether regions and got around to posting some photos from our trip to Sydney… last month!

My baby waits for the Chaser to start.

One of the highlights was popping into Ultimo and watching the final Chaser recorded.

For the final they were on the set of At the Movies.

We managed to find the only seats in the audience that are never shown on film.

One of the highlights for me was watching the camera crew.

I’m really only familiar with news studios and in them the cameras are pretty much fixed in place.

On the Chaser set they are moving all the time – it’s quite exciting to watch.

So when you forget your adapter - and you have a US charger - look what you can use!

I know, I know… and odd thing to throw in but it was such a great tip from my living-in-America sister and I had forgotton my adapter.

My sister and me.

Speaking of my sister… I do look rather tanned but that could have been the make-up…

The girls LOVED Wicked! (and I did too)

We went to see Wicked! And I heartily recommend it – really good fun for all ages… well… maybe not really little ones… and it is better if you are familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz… but who isn’t?


My cute niece and nephew who we don’t see enough of. 🙂

Pretty beetle eh?

So we came across this beetle… and that’s the end of that story.

Dippity is a kid magnet.

We caught up with another friend and her two daughters… my Dippity was VERY popular.

My brother thought this horrible facepaint should be immortalised in oil paint... Mum and I aren't quite so sure. 🙂

So now to the exhibition… and I have to start with the one portrait of me.

I was in facepaint for a production of The Curse of the Willy Willy.

I ask you… is it really fair to immortalise us in oil???

My cute niece.

Awww isn’t she just darling?

Dippity was delighted to teach her new cousin how to high five.

A highlight for Dippity was teaching her one year old cousin how to high five.

Gil and I lived together 20 years ago when I moved to Sydney - we used to hang out at a nightclub called Rogues... anyone remember it?

So yeah… Rogues… anyone remember it?

We had a blast dancing there back in the day… er… somewhere around 1990… OMG I am SO old!

I recall wearing a tight dress by George with tassles all over it… ah but that might have to be talked about another day…

Two days in Sydney

Following my last post, after two days in Sydney I can no longer fit into my daughter’s size 5 jeans (size 5 is about a 9 in real language).

A pork roll from James’s favourite cheap lunch spot.


At least I have avoided all the yummy pastries from the (count them) five gorgeous bakeries that surround our hotel.

The food in Sydney is cheap and delicious and so difficult to not eat.

The first night we went to a little Vietnamese place in Surry Hills (or was it Darlinghurst) called Phamish.

They started serving at 6pm and there was a queue waiting to be seated (including us).

The highlight – the to-die-for duck and prawn rolls – watching mum eat one and then realise they had prawns in them was priceless.

We’ve also gone to see Wicked – the musical.

Clever story, great music and amazing set and costumes.

We had a brilliant time.

Last night I went with my sister to the Cinema Verona to see an Italian film called I am Love – starring Tilda Swinton.

The Italians have a very different approach to film making – lots of loud crashing music and close ups.

Good film though.

And walking down Oxford St late at night was fun too.

Today… I’m not sure what we’re doing… something touristy before the exhibition opening probably.

Then drinkies and art.

Photos to come.

The Eddy Effect

Exhibition flyer

So last night my baby brother’s exhibition opened in Melbourne.

If you live there – maybe pop along.

More info on his Facebook page and webpage.

I’ll be going to the Sydney opening (I think) and I can’t wait.

I’m hoping to get a few pics from the opening but in the meantime check out this cutie from the publicity shots:

My brother

The woman in the painting is my mum.

Exhibitions are such hard work and I admire my brother and his fiancée for the hard slog.

Best of luck guys and see you in Siddeney!

Vote for my brother… please

My brother’s painting “The Investigator” has been entered on the UK Saatchi website.

If by an extremely long shot he is this week’s favourite it gets hung in the Saachi gallery in London.

If not, just getting him in the favourites means more people are likely to see his work.

Anyone can vote and it’s just a simple 1-10 star rating (10 is the highest)… so if you feel like it …

Vote here!

(What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t support your near and dear? Go Mike!)

And this is his website – where you’ll get details of his upcoming exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney.

Butterflies and rivers


Isn’t this a great photo?

I can’t claim credit.  It’s one of my dad’s from his recent trip to the Kimberley.

That ochre coloured stain on the rock is in fact… ochre.

The butterfly had landed on some rock paintings.  In fact many had.

Maybe it was attracted to the art like my father.

I love its spotted chest.


Chest?  Surely I mean thorax.

The dots look as if they’ve been painted on too.

Perhaps the butterflies inspired the artists.

Maybe that’s why the butterflies land on the paintings?


Unfortunately in this case the link is not obvious.

The paintings are not Dot Paintings from the Western Desert but Wandjinas.




Not so many dots…

It’s time to go back to the Kimberley.

Instead, today I made do with the Swan River.

We decided to go canoeing and made our way from the Causeway around to East Perth.

The canoes were sea kayaks.

Clumsy plastic rafts, but the weather was calm and there was a real sense of adventure as we set off up the river under the bridge.

Our bodies, unused to sitting and paddling, soon complained and I fear tomorrow we will discover new muscles.

They’ll be the ones not moving the way they used to.

It felt good though to be doing something active and exploring a new aspect of our city.

Not quite the Kimberley perhaps.

One does what one can.

Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea 2009

We wandered around the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, too early to buy a program, which, if I’m honest I wouldn’t have bought anyway because it cost $8 and that seems a bit rich, wondering which piece the council were going to buy.

I love walking past the sculptures from earlier years and it feels like one day walking around the suburb will be like visiting a permanent sculpture gallery.

This year, and probably because my son is so into civil aviation, I especially liked the Runway series. Below you see Barcelona, Anchorage and Shark Bay runways as art.

LOL at Shark Bay.




This is Ben Juniper’s Orchid.


This one is looking past one onto another.

(See, if I’d had the program I could have been more descriptive. Sorry for being tight.)


And one more… in the background look for the floating sculpture (for you M).


There’s something about viewing art on the beach – it’s a bit like seeing art in the wild, as if you happen upon it in its natural setting.

If you think of an art gallery as being a zoo, Sculpture by the Sea is like going on safari.

Now where’s my pith helmet…

More photos

Graffitti illusions

So my morning walks take me past this piece of art on the North Cottesloe foreshore…

And every time I do I think “Grrrr, some little toerag has spray painted that artwork!” …

But they haven’t.

I wonder if the artist intended me to think that?  

Was I supposed to feel relief when my fears and suspicions proved false?

A sense that all was okay with the world and it was my negative thinking that was making my world seem damaged and vandalised?

Because all I really feel is a bit pissed off at being tricked into admitting that my outlook is not always glass half full.


Notes from an Exhibition

I heard about this book on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife program and while I never take book recommendations from radio programs the reviewer was so taken with this novel by Patrick Gale that when I saw it in the bookshop on Lygon St in Melbourne after dinner with my brother the other week, I thought I’d give it a go.

It is a story about a bi-polar artist and her family. She dies and the story of her and her family is slowly revealed in flashbacks while the present brings us to resolution. In fact when you think about it Patrick has written this book as one might view a painting.

You don’t look at a painting in a linear view… your eye is captured and you’re drawn to bits and pieces of the “story” the artist is trying to portray. When you stand back and view the complete artwork, you get a wholistic view.

Bob Dylan tried to do this with his song “Tangled up in Blue“.

In fact – in reading an interview with Patrick after writing this – the novel structure is that of an exhibition:

“…and I then realised that what we were doing was arranging an exhibition, we were thinking, well, this one [chapter] will really offset that one, and it will set up a sort of vibration.”

I can’t tell you how satisfying a read this is. The characters are so engaging. The art – you wish Rachel really existed so you could go to an exhibition. I’m even intrigued now with Quakers. I have been dragging out the end to make it last just a little bit longer. It has replaced Perfume by Patrick Suskind as my all-time favourite book. And Perfume has been top of my faves list for more than a decade.

It was – to quote Stephen Fry – “Complete Perfection”.

Transcript of an interview with Patrick Gale