Meet me at the cactus

Close up cactus

Saw the million dollar artwork for Perth yesterday.

Perth train station

Do I love it?

Am I supposed to?

Is that the point of public art?

I’ll give it this much… it stands out.

And I kind of like that about public art.

It can’t always be tasteful and classic… a statue of the great and good… usually a white male.

Oh yes the statue of Sir Charles Court is due to be unveiled soon…

Not that I’ve got anything against Sir Charles.

I danced with him once at the Shinju Matsuri ball in Broome, and I must say he was quite light on his feet.

But we need more than a statue in Forrest Place.

We need a statement.

Does it make a difference that the artist – James Angus – has an impressive resume.

Has his art in several state galleries and collections.

Holds a masters from Yale.

It shouldn’t.

We should take each artwork on its own merits.

We should respond to it, or not, and gauge its value by the strength of the reaction it evokes.

And on that basis, well, this has to be a triumph.

If nothing else, it is certainly a landmark.

Meet you at the cactus next time we’re in Perth.

Your shout.


Finding Nigel

Alison with her newly discovered vagina

So we found the sculpture (pictured above) and now Narelle wants to find Nigel.

Narelle being Alison, or at least Alison when she was 20, and fresh born into the city.

The back story.

The search.

Anyhoo the thing is that Alison is in Sydney this week – and so is the artist that sculpted her veejayjay back in the day and she wants to find him.

She has an mp3 of the story she told at our storytelling sessions and a photograph of… well… herself to give him.

(get your mind out of the gutter – its a photo of the sculpture)

It’s just for old times sake (she is in a relationship at the moment) so she isn’t stalking him or anything.



So if you know where the artist is – please let us know!

We have a twitter search going on – have a look on

Oh and his name isn’t Nigel.

Sculptures by the sea 2011

red boy

This sculpture was tall… an oversized bright red boy. I liked this one. I would have liked to have seen it in a more prominent position.

Cottesloe Beach

This is the view from the end of the groin back at the beach, now sadly eroded. Usually the beach hangs around until winter… but it has been an unusual summer.

At the end of the groin (excuse the pun)

And this is what was on the end of the groin.

From the other direction

Quite a striking figure but one wonders if better placed at Swanborne…

The kiss (at least that's what I call it)

Loved this one.

Intimacy laughed at

This is one of a series of three – one with a straight face, one smiling and this one laughing.

Talk to the hand(s)

This was a whole bunch of hands on sticks.

Boy and camels
Solid reflections

Loved this one – I think it was a Danish artist.

Her cup overflowth

This was my favourite. She/it is so sexy. I believe another version of this was at Bondi a few years ago.

Man in boat

This one was also sweet. And yes there is water in the boat.

Sand shoes

And you’ve got to have whimsy.

All in all, another enjoyable exhibition. I would like to see another floating sculpture… they are always fun.

Oh and we downloaded Russ and Pete’s podcast which was an interesting take.

Through the glass

So much grafitti

The late afternoon sun came through the graffiti on the way home yesterday and I really noticed it.

This morning, as I write this on my way to work the glass is gleaming and clear.

The clear glass

What a  difference.

It makes me wonder whether they put some sort of covering on the glass that they can replace occasionally to bring the windows… excuse the pun… up to scratch.

And if not, maybe that would be a solution to a problem all those security guards and cameras don’t seem to be able to solve.

What do they do in Washington DC? They would have the best kept metro I’ve been on.

A little bit of Venice in Perth

The gorgeous Peggy!

Friday night, Groover and I went back to the Art Gallery for the Opening of the Penny Guggenheim Exhibition.

This is from her collection in Venice.

Ahhhh Venice – so romantic, so beautiful.

I went twice to this collection in Venice when we were there in 2005 – and we were only there for a day – so I was looking forward to seeing how it travelled.

What a delight to see our good friend acting as Peggy Guggenheim – although she shaved her legs and apparently Peggy didn’t… maybe people didn’t in the 30s so – we’ll overlook it – you might remember her from Theatresports earlier in the year.

Me and Miss Peggy

It is a stunning collection of modern art – all the big names – extraordinary to see the work which still looks modern even though some of it is nearly 100 years old.

A Jackson Pollock which is figurative!  Who knew?  (probably all of you)

Go and see it – it is on until the end of January and is only coming to Perth… hey that’s closer than Venice.

That’s the advantage of having a Gallery Director who was born in Venice and is married to a former intern of the Peggy Guggenheim collection.

(Oh that Italian accent!  Mamma mia!!)

Afterwards, with 15 minutes to wait until the train we sat and talked in the organic garden just outside the gallery.

Groovy Groover
I just wanted to show you more of my frock.

Unfortunately we got so into playing with the slow synchro mode on my camera that we missed our train.

So we decided to wait the next HALF AN HOUR in the station.

That's not our train.
We love catching the train at night - it feels so cosmopolitan.

So that was Friday night.

On the way home the security guards found two passengers next to us without tickets.

They took their names and addresses but¬†before they had time to check (over the phone to who knows?) the girl had walked off – hey this is my station… see ya!

They had no power to stop her and who knows if she gave her real name – although she was warned that it is an offence to give a false one.

Seems a rather inefficient system to me but what do you do?

Microchip everyone?

Detain fare evaders?

Arty farty types

Yes that would be us.

You would have seen us swilling Sav blanc… or was it Voigner… whatever – it was wet, white and in a glass and it went down easily with the best of the Western Suburbs at this year’s Opening Night party for Art in Bloom at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Early on in the evening...

It’s a great event.

Top wine, great clothes, fabulous company dahling oh… and of course the exhibition itself which is spectacular.

For the unitiated, Art in Bloom is where florists and artists from Perth are invited to create a floral display to complement an artwork from the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

The event happens every two years and is a big fundraiser for the gallery.

And it is beautiful.

I love seeing the different interpretations… it makes you see the art in new ways.

And some of the floral tributes are incredible.

Of course it is rare for a museum to allow things like plant matter into its hallowed halls.


There might be bugs crawling in them there roses… but somehow the exhibition has run ten times without damage to irreplaceable artwork.

One of the artists responsible for the floral art on the night.

Of course quite a bit of wine was consumed and I confess I didn’t spend a lot of time appreciating the art.¬†

This is a friend of mine from work who did a fantastic piece – incredibly complicated and impressive I thought – he said he had had to compromise but I couldn’t see where. (btw he is not pictured in front of his work)


Then there were those pieces that encouraged audience participation…

Groover gets interactive

Goodness knows why he is looking so serious… I’m not sure how critical the placement of the carnation was…

At 9.30pm on the dot the lights came on and we were all encouraged to leave but luckily the head of the organising committee is a dear friend and invited us (or did we invite ourselves… it’s a little hazy) to the after party where I had a lovely conversation with the wife of the head curator.

She was charming.

Afterwards, teetering on my high heels, we weaved our way through the underground bowels of the art gallery and found ourselves in the carpark.

A lovely night, a not so lovely hangover.

The social event of the season.

Two days in Sydney

Following my last post, after two days in Sydney I can no longer fit into my daughter’s size 5 jeans (size 5 is about a 9 in real language).

A pork roll from James’s favourite cheap lunch spot.


At least I have avoided all the yummy pastries from the (count them) five gorgeous bakeries that surround our hotel.

The food in Sydney is cheap and delicious and so difficult to not eat.

The first night we went to a little Vietnamese place in Surry Hills (or was it Darlinghurst) called Phamish.

They started serving at 6pm and there was a queue waiting to be seated (including us).

The highlight – the to-die-for duck and prawn rolls – watching mum eat one and then realise they had prawns in them was priceless.

We’ve also gone to see Wicked – the musical.

Clever story, great music and amazing set and costumes.

We had a brilliant time.

Last night I went with my sister to the Cinema Verona to see an Italian film called I am Love – starring Tilda Swinton.

The Italians have a very different approach to film making – lots of loud crashing music and close ups.

Good film though.

And walking down Oxford St late at night was fun too.

Today… I’m not sure what we’re doing… something touristy before the exhibition opening probably.

Then drinkies and art.

Photos to come.

The Eddy Effect

Exhibition flyer

So last night my baby brother’s exhibition opened in Melbourne.

If you live there – maybe pop along.

More info on his Facebook page and webpage.

I’ll be going to the Sydney opening (I think) and I can’t wait.

I’m hoping to get a few pics from the opening but in the meantime check out this cutie from the publicity shots:

My brother

The woman in the painting is my mum.

Exhibitions are such hard work and I admire my brother and his fiancée for the hard slog.

Best of luck guys and see you in Siddeney!

Vote for my brother… please

My brother’s painting “The Investigator” has been entered on the UK Saatchi website.

If by an extremely long shot he is this week’s favourite it gets hung in the Saachi gallery in London.

If not, just getting him in the favourites means more people are likely to see his work.

Anyone can vote and it’s just a simple 1-10 star rating (10 is the highest)… so if you feel like it …

Vote here!

(What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t support your near and dear? Go Mike!)

And this is his website – where you’ll get details of his upcoming exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney.

Open house at Artsource

Meet Belongum!

He kindly invited me to the opening of Artsource Open House and I was delighted to meet a fellow blogger.

We’ve been crossing paths this past year as both our jobs involve some travel to regional WA, I believe one time we might have even been in the same airport at the same time, so it was nice to finally meet face to face.

If you haven’t read Belongum’s Weblog – go on over and have a browse.

I dare you!

So I got a personalised tour of Artsource and met some amazing artists and saw some incredible work.

I’ll tell you some of the stories sometime but for now, let me introduce you to Rachel Coad.

Her work is LARGE!

Beautiful portraits painted in sepia tones, they take your breath away when you walk in her studio door.

But don’t let me blather on, you can see for yourself:

And if you want to see Rachel’s work in person or meet some of the other artists – the Open House is this Sunday.

More about the artists at Artsource.