Not at Fashion Week…

Just a quickie tonight. I’m in a hotel room in Sydney where I’m ensconsed for the next couple of days for a conference… no not anything to do with fashion week. I know you are shocked that I would not automatically be invited given what a fashionista I am… oh what? You’re not shocked?

We had dinner at Yai this evening, a trendy Thai eatery in Surry Hills. Very nice food but don’t get the banquet – far too much food! Most interesting dish a papaya salad – spicy HOT! Quite citrusy flavours.

It was not the smoothest of trips, we waited 2 and a half hours in Perth airport for the plane to depart – in the end they had to get another plane – but I sat next to a young fellow from the department of defence who’d lost his licence (for 3 years) for drink driving. Yes we had an interesting chat.

Unfortunately this trip is very work focussed and I won’t get the chance to check out fashion week or go shopping or catch up with anyone other than my colleagues but it’s lovely to be back in Sydney. I do like a harbour town. 🙂

You really don’t think I’m a fashion plate?