Red cordial deters thieves

At least I assume that’s why bartenders in our largest city get their customers to deposit their tips in a glass of red cordial.

Bar tips in red cordial

I decided to go and see Billy Elliot tonight as well, I wanted to really. I managed to get a great seat near the front and settled back to enjoy the show. It was interesting. A different focus form the movie and quite moving at times. There were scenes I thought were a bit weird – the dress one? Giant dresses dancing around. A little bizarre.

Tonight was a bit of a dramatic night – yes I know I should expect drama being, as I was, in a theatre – but during the performance Billy bashed his head on the door. We thought all the blood was part of the show but no. He was whisked off to have it seen to, the stage hands mopped the floor and the show started ten minutes later with the understudy – one of the five regular Billys and the one that looked least like the first Billy. Did a great job from a standing start though.

He had to come on for the big audition number.

Overall I really enjoyed the show and the venue – the Capitol Theatre in Sydney – and the experience was even more special as one of my colleagues knew John Xintavelonis – who plays Mr Braithwaite – so we met him at the stage door for a drink with him and his girlfriend who is a dresser and chaperone for the child cast.

It was really interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff and find out if the first Billy was okay – apparently so.

At the pub where we ventured for a drink – the pub of the red cordial – the second with the red cordial thang happening – we came across some guys who go to the show several times a week. They are Friends of Billy. Imagine going multiple – and by multiple I mean many many times – not just two or three times. I can’t.

Anyway. Must to bed. Catch you from the Qantas lounge.