Toothpaste tale

toothpaste aisle in the supermarket

Today the question was asked of our group… how many brands of toothpaste can you name?

I managed 5… colgate, macleans, crest, oral-b and (this was a struggle despite the fact it’s the one I actually use!!!) sensodyne.

Apparently there are over 30 brands available in Australia.

Today picking up a few items at my local supermarket I thought I’d see how many were available.

Not over 30.

Not really surprising… you know how those big supermarkets limit your brand choice!

So here they are… colgate, macleans, oral-b, sensodyne, pro-namel (a sensodyne sub-brand), cedal, red seal, grants, white glo, pearl drops, store brand.

Still that’s 11.  And that doesn’t include crest.


And there are a few sub-brands that we could include but those big brands (you know the ones) get enough airplay.

So if you’re ever asked the question… now you know.

Sitting is the new smoking… apparently

First there was the tech guy at work.

Then I went to Sydney and a colleague does it too.

Then on the plane back from Sydney I watched a doco which talked about how bad sitting was.

Then another tech guy got a very fancy hydrolic one.

Add to that my improved fitness through rowing, two weeks on Dry July (feel free to support my campaign) and my thinking that really I should try gluten free… four hours in a car on Monday and I thought – hmmm maybe that’s enough signs.

So I decided to try a standing desk.

But with no money to actually buy one, I had to improvise.

Desk 1.0:

desk 1.1

Now this was good in that I didn’t have to move too much around… but I soon found I needed my mouse wrist to be higher.

Desk 1.1:

desk 1.0

This lasted maybe half an hour.

Standing made me realise that my shelf was at almost the right height for my monitor.

And that the corner of my desk which works well when I’m seated is just annoying when standing.

I then found out that office paper boxes are just the right height for the keyboard AND filled with paper are very stable.

Unfortunately they are rather an unfortunate shade of green.

Desk 2.0:

desk 2.0


This version required quite a lot of faffing about with my stuff but I think the result is pretty good.

I’ve ordered a fatigue mat to stand on and if I’m still standing in a week or so will probably see if I can get some shelves and get rid of the paper.

(also, we may have run out of paper by then)

Now you are supposed to ease your way into standing, but I just went for it.

I did find my feet were aching a bit by the end but not that badly.

And 3/4 days I was wearing boots… sandshoes were more comfortable.

I won’t be wearing high heels though following news that my Sydney friend bruised her foot so badly she is back to sitting.

One thing I did find was that I move around A LOT more.  I walk the 2 or 3 paces to my colleague’s desk to ask a question rather than just turning around.

I dance at my desk when a great track comes on.

I am much more likely to go to someone’s office rather than pick up the phone.

And I gratefully accept a chair.

This standing thing.  I like it.

Stress dreams

Do you ever have stress dreams?

Apparently a common one is not being able to find your locker/classroom at school which relates to feeling uncertain about your career… apparently.

I’ve worked in radio for a long time and usually my stress dream goes like this…

I get into the studio and I have to present a program and I have nothing to say.

No interview to go to.

There are no CDs in the system.

Our electronic playout system doesn’t work.

I just have to talk and I have nothing.

Well I had a new stress dream Saturday night. The night before our race.

I dreamed I couldn’t find my white singlet.

All I could find was a frilly white shirt. Clearly not very sporty.

Frilly white top

It was very stressful in the dream but in the cold light of day… a little tragic.

But I wonder what it means…

Out and about in my New York coat

Rainy night in Melbourne

In Melbourne for a training course.

The forecast is for 14 degrees every day, except one which is 13.

Freezing for a Perth girl and I’m very glad to have my New York coat bought after being stranded in Vancouver in their worst snow storm in a 130 years (although it was worse in Victoria BC).

The snow was thigh high.

I was 5 months pregnant.

Planes weren’t going anywhere and we only had hand luggage.

Someone lent me their winter coat and I went for a walk to a Virgin record store.

I became quite attached to the coat and with reluctance handed it back when we got back to the airport.

The first thing I bought in New York was my own coat.

Now I live in Perth so the opportunities to wear my coat are limited.

And… it looks a bit like a dressing gown.

But I am so glad of it here in Melbourne.

UPDATE: And I haven’t stopped wearing it. This week in Perth the weather has been dire and my coat is my new best friend.

A Vespa and me, an inner-city moment

Oh yeah baby!

btw... short skirt + Vespa = a lot of leg = judiciously cropped photo

That’s me on the back of a Vespa about to scoot through the streets of Perth with TFB.

You don’t know TFB?

Let me just say that the T stands for The and the F stands for Fabulous.

’nuff said.

We are co-training a course and after today’s sessions we decamped with participants of said sessions for a quiet Sav Blanc (the only kind to have on a Wednesday evening) to the Grosvenor on Hay St.

A surprisingly full bar on a Wednesday night we discovered!

Anyhoo, said Sav Blancs consumed, TFB offered me a lift to the station on the back of her little green Vespa – Gecko.

How could I refuse?

An invitation is issued and turns out... I'm just a girl who can't say no... to a Vespa.

The city is different on the back of a scooter.

It smells different.

Less inside of manky, not cleaned often enough, car… and more… cement dust, exhaust fumes, still night air.

It looks different.

You notice the inside of restaurants, the people on the pavement, the hotels and the parks.

TFB drives me down to City West train station.

I swing my leg over the seat, flashing the control tops of my 50 denier tights, and slide off the helmet.

“You’re a pretty good pillion”, says TFB.


I still got it.

The legacy of a mis-spent youth… well… a boyfriend with a motorbike anyway.

I walk up to the platform feeling good and resolve to buy an apartment in the city… and a lime green Vespa.

Or… maybe a red one.

They go faster… right?

End of the cyclone season

Nine systems

Today might be date of the wedding of the century but here I’m more concerned that it is finally the end of the cyclone season.

And I’ve checked with the Severe Weather Centre and they say there will be no more til November.

You might remember that I like to put up the track maps of the systems as they come through.

Usually I get four or five – this year – nine.

Fortunately none of them did any damage apart from bringing loads of rain – which of course caused flooding.

Which did cause damage – but not wind damage.


The bloody season is over – thank goodness – and now I can get out my hat, pour a nice glass of something white and wet, and sit back and watch two young folk tie the knot in spectacular fashion.

They seem a nice couple don’t they?

Why I catch the train

I know it's not London but it is still traffic

I had to drive my car into work the other day and on the way home got stuck in traffic.

I’ve been stuck in much worse traffic.

But it was just so irritating.

Especially because I hadn’t wanted to drive in case I got stuck in traffic.

Probably need to drive tomorrow… unless…

Groover?  Are you busy?

Why I’m a good daughter

This is what happens if the door is left ever so slightly open

Oh I know darlings!

Enough said right?

I mean I don’t even defrost my OWN fridge so what the hell am I doing, the floors strewn with towels, trying to dislodge the wedged in drawers of my parents’ fridge?

Good daughter things.

That’s what I’m doing.

Luckily it is quite warm so the fridge is defrosting quickly, I am after all only here in Dunsborough one night before heading back to Perth to catch my plane to Sydney on Friday – exciting club!

It’s very quiet.

Weird being here on my own.

I bought Indian takeaway (too much) and a few beers, although I’ve only drunk one (they were on special).

(Sure I hear you say… well they were $18 for 6, which is better than $6.50 for one – so what’s a girl to do)

And life feels pretty mellow.

A beer and a view of Geographe Bay

What the hell is that?


So I flew up to Geraldton the other week and as I flew up the coast past our fair city I noticed what appeared to be – I don’t know – oil slicks? – emanating from the land.

Sewage slicks?

Freshwater creeks?

They were all along the coast but stopped once we got past civilisation.

Of course I snuck out my electronic camera and defying the chance that the navigation on the plane would go spastic and we’d end up in Bunbury – trusting, in fact, the pilots to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW and keep the coast on their right – I took a couple of snaps.

Quickly sliding my little instamatic behind a convenient cardie when the cabin crew walked past.

So what is your best guess?

I’m buggered if I know.

UPDATE:  Well you guys were rubbish at telling me what those lines were I must say!  Luckily at work today I ran across Professor Jorg Imberger who is the water guru of Perth, and he told me they are the result of Langmuir circulation. Vis a vis – it is wind my friends, wind.  Well you learn something every day.  I am, for one, happy to learn that they aren’t the result of pollution or anything nasty.

Sky diving on radio

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Wayyyy back in 1991 I was involved in a radio appeal for the RFDS which involved me jumping out of a plane over the city of Perth.

I was 24.

The other day I found the broadcast recording.

Unfortunately I’ve missed the best bit which was screaming as I jumped out the plane and then silence for 20 seconds as we fell 6000 feet.

Instead what you hear is adreniline coursing through my body making me sound like a right tit.

And despite protestations that I would DEFINITELY do it again…

I haven’t.