As the sun set

Sunday afternoon

Just wanted to share the photo really.

It was such a beautiful Sunday.

I got up early for rowing and we rowed all the way to Barrack St from UWA, which is further than we’ve been but probably not that far.

Dolphins were seen.  Well.  One dolphin.

And marathon runners.

In the afternoon we did the grocery shopping and on the way home I made Groover detour to the beach.



Cigars and Stories

Where have I been?

Well its been busy and I have been a poor correspondent.

So this post is a catch up on stuff… and I won’t get caught up in trying to put things in order… you’ll just have to roll with me here.

OMG so good

It’s been a week since I caught up with my Brisbane colleagues and went out for an amazing meal at Cutler and Co in Melbourne.

The food was amazing… those little ‘cigars’ were filled with foie gras, which I know is not particularly good for the goose, but tastes amazing.

The cigars were one of the ‘surprise’ courses.

The wine was even better thanks to the superior judgement of the two in charge of the wine menu and I was quite glad that I didn’t see the prices so that I could enjoy the wine without the taint of “OMFG How much???!!”  You know how it is.

It felt good to be in the Queensland gang and I am still chuffed I was included.

What a sexy cycling get up

Okay this was a couple of weeks ago when Groover joined me in Melbs for a dirty weekend.

We went to Lygon St to catch up with The Cuteness (see below somewhere) and then picked up bikes at the share bike station, bought a couple of helmets at the local 711 for $5 each and cycled our way through the CBD back to the hotel.  Great fun and good value.

The helmets are good quality and we squeezed them into our hand luggage for use at home.

Not that we have bikes but you never know when they might come in handy.

The cuteness

Enough said.

This is my niece.  She is very gorgeous.

Foggy Melbourne

I hadn’t seen foggy Melbourne before.

At Pony Fish Island

We went to this little bar which is on an island in the middle of the Yarra.  Very groovy.  They even serve mulled wine there sometimes.

Brisbane sunshine

This is the week before in Brisbane.

The view from the training rooms at the office.

Great view huh?

In full flight

A week after the bike riding back in Perth, we go out with some friends to see Ira Glass and This American Life in the cinema.  If you missed it, you can hear what we saw here at This American Life.

It was a great show.

It underlined to me a couple of things… one:  how distracting the visual can be!  David Sedaris dressed up as a clown for his story and I don’t remember the story AT ALL.

Two:  How telling stories without notes is SO MUCH BETTER than watching someone read.

I am going to aim for NO NOTES in future.

It is one of the very impressive things I’ve always noticed about Colin Barnett btw.  He must have to give hundreds of speeches and I’ve never seen him with notes.

And for those freaking out that I’ve mentioned a person from a political party – I’m sure it is not because of the party he represents.  He’s just a good public speaker.

After the film we trooped around the corner to a little lane way bar called Ezra Pound.

It’s a tiny bar full of mismatched furniture, with a limited wine and even more limited food menu but it’s cute and groovy and a little bit hip.

I felt very much in-the-know taking my friends there…

We told stories, drank wine and beer and ate some pretty sexy olives.

My new office

When I got back to Perth I had to find somewhere to “live” at work.

I’ve been seconded to another position for a couple of months.

So I now have an office.

Very exciting and a bit lonely too if I’m honest.

Apart from all that.  Not much storm damage and all family well.

Out and about in my New York coat

Rainy night in Melbourne

In Melbourne for a training course.

The forecast is for 14 degrees every day, except one which is 13.

Freezing for a Perth girl and I’m very glad to have my New York coat bought after being stranded in Vancouver in their worst snow storm in a 130 years (although it was worse in Victoria BC).

The snow was thigh high.

I was 5 months pregnant.

Planes weren’t going anywhere and we only had hand luggage.

Someone lent me their winter coat and I went for a walk to a Virgin record store.

I became quite attached to the coat and with reluctance handed it back when we got back to the airport.

The first thing I bought in New York was my own coat.

Now I live in Perth so the opportunities to wear my coat are limited.

And… it looks a bit like a dressing gown.

But I am so glad of it here in Melbourne.

UPDATE: And I haven’t stopped wearing it. This week in Perth the weather has been dire and my coat is my new best friend.

Gee it’s getting dark early…

Sunset from East Perth

It should be expected right?

So why am I always surprised when the sun sets earlier in winter?

I think it must be that it seems to happen so quickly.

One minute it’s light til 7.30, the next, missing just one train has me walking home in the dark.


I no complain.

I like winter.

Cottesloe in winter

A cold blustery morning at Cottesloe Beach
The beach has all but disappeared
And there is so much seaweed on the beach that remains.
Still the scenery isn’t all bad

I haven’t been down to Cottesloe in a while and I was surprised to see the beach all but gone.

I know it diminishes in the winter but I’ve never seen so much seaweed.
Still the walk down to the Naked Fig for breakfast was invigorating.
And the gale force wind pushed me back up the hill on my way home – bonus.
I had a chat to one of the trainers of the Hawthorn Football Club as well – who commented on the weather – I pointed out that even at its worst it’s warmer than Melbourne to which he agreed. 
The boys were walking a bit slowly (wonder why… 🙂 ) so we powered past them towards our coffee and some great service.
And I was glad I had decided against wearing my Dockers scarf.

End of the cyclone season

Nine systems

Today might be date of the wedding of the century but here I’m more concerned that it is finally the end of the cyclone season.

And I’ve checked with the Severe Weather Centre and they say there will be no more til November.

You might remember that I like to put up the track maps of the systems as they come through.

Usually I get four or five – this year – nine.

Fortunately none of them did any damage apart from bringing loads of rain – which of course caused flooding.

Which did cause damage – but not wind damage.


The bloody season is over – thank goodness – and now I can get out my hat, pour a nice glass of something white and wet, and sit back and watch two young folk tie the knot in spectacular fashion.

They seem a nice couple don’t they?

How much do I love winter?


Well winter in Perth anyway which is pretty mild.

Cool enough to wear boots. No need for a parka.

And yes I know it’s not winter yet.

And one shower does not a winter make.

Oh but wasn’t it nice to wake up to a washed world yesterday.

To not feel hot.

To wear boots to work.

Boots that have waited patiently in the bottom of my cupboard ready to jump out the first time the mercury dropped below thirty degrees.

That smell of petrichor in the air.

Is it just me?

Not whining about the endless summer

My two as the sun goes down

How can you complain about the weather when we can head down to the beach and enjoy a sunset like that?

Warm enough for my son to go swimming

It was my parents who suggested it – and what a good idea it was to go down the beach for fish and chips on a Saturday evening and watch the sun go down.

It made me wonder why we don’t go down the beach for twilight meals more often.

We even live closer to the beach than they do.

I’m not really the beachy type.

Maybe that’s it.

And once I’m tucked into my house of an evening it’s akin to winkling a barnacle off a rock to get me out.

Not easy.

Still it was lovely and if invited I’d go again.

I think.


Navigation fail in Sydney

It's iconic

Gotta love Sydney.

Well I do.

I guess it’s because I spent a couple of months at a critical age in this fair town… and because I consider Sydney to be to Perth’s somewhat brash teenage self an…

Older, gay uncle?

Worldly, confident spinster aunt?

Or is that Melbourne?

Whatever… I love Sydney.

I love the water, the casual confidence of its inhabitants, the fact you can find scrambled eggs and toast for $7 on a Sunday morning.

I know that Perth people are weeping  into their $4.50 coffees right now.

Seven bucks.

Perth prices are outrageous.

But I digress.

What was I saying?

Oh yes, Sydney.

City crush.

Loved this
Gotta love a city with grafitti like this
Loved this memorial to women who came out because of the Irish famine
She looks determined doesn't she... the new St Mary...

So I’m completely in love with Sydney again and I stay with my friend who I lived with way back in the day when I lived and partied in Sydney.

She lived in Greenwich and she still does so I figured I’d catch the ferry over for old times sake.

Those following me on twitter would have seen how the story unfolded:

Cellobella At circular quay waiting for the greenwich ferry. Life is good. 🙂

Cellobella Forgot how much I love the ferry service in sydney. #wanttoliveinsydney 🙂

Cellobella @deeleea totes. It’s such a nice way to get around. Feels like a treat not public transport. 🙂

Cellobella Lol just discovered I’m on completely the wrong ferry. It’s back to circular quay for me. #whatanidiot

Cellobella Bored of being on ferry now #navigationfail

My friend had texted me and when I said oh I was just at Watson’s Bay, rang me to tell me I’d caught a ferry going in completely the opposite direction.

It’s been twenty years since I lived in Sydney.

So I changed ferries…

Me on the RIGHT ferry

And I spent the night in Greenwich and we reminisced about old times…

Going to Rogues…

On our way out to Rogues back in 1991...

OMG yes… check out those clip-on earrings… oh dear me… such glamour.

We drank wine and discussed how we met the drummer of Air Supply and he told us that Mariah Carey was the next big thing.

We talked more about Rogues… well it was our favourite nightclub.

Hey that was a designer dress... stop laughing!

Thought you might like to see the full look.

We haven’t changed a bit!

Okay maybe a bit.

Don’t you love the tassles?

Not enough dresses these days have tassles IMHO.

This was my outfit of choice for going to the casino back in Perth – but I wore it with a waist length wig.

And then it started raining.

And I fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof and actually I didn’t sleep well because it was soooo noisy.

Such a novelty to hear rain though.

*slaps self* This is not going to be a weather post.

Next morning I waited patiently for the rain to stop.

But it was torrential.

And, with a coffee date in the city I had to get going.

‘sif a Perth person is going to have an umbrella!

Monday morning was... wet.

I could feel the rain slide off the back of my jacket, through my top and slip down the back of my jeans.


I was wet wet wet.

But still happy to be in Sydney.

Even though I was a little over the rain.

I dried out about 3pm.

Ahhh my dear Uncle Syd.

See ya next time.

Peeps… Gay uncle?  Worldly older cousin?  What do you think?

The summer of our discontent

Now this is the way to read in stupid hot weather

I tried to avoid a weather post, I honestly did.

But more than three weeks of stupidly hot weather, hot and humid weather, finally broke me.

Jeez Louise – how long is this going to last!

It’s more than a koala bear.

Up to today we’ve had 21 days over 30 degrees celcius… and the day before that was 29.6, and before that were another three days of over 30s and the day before that was 29.8… all this can be better seen here.

The last day approaching anything close to bearable was the day after Australia Day.  Humphhh!

And it’s not so much the temperatures… which are bad enough… I can handle me a few days over 35 because I am Australian and climate control is for wimps… it’s the HUMIDITY!

OMG does Perth suddenly think it is Sydney?

Are we now in the tropics?


Mediterranean climate… read it weather gods… DRY heat!

The climate is characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. [wiki]

None of this humidity is mentioned in the small print.

I am so over it.

I spend my day in barely there bikinis and I don’t care that they barely cover my flabby bits.

I drape myself over couches with a fan directed up my fanny and drink long cool glasses of water from the fridge or Sav Blanc if I think it is past wine o’clock.

I dip myself in the pool at all hours just to cool my body temperature.

And we eat cold foods or take out.

I might be reading “The Winter of Our Disconnect” (very good btw and an interesting choice for the year 12 English syllabus) but I am living “The Summer of our Discontent”.

Bah humbug!


As a sidenote:  When my son started reading the aforementioned English text he said to me:  “I’m scared. She is just like you. Works for the same place, loves The Moth and This American Life and makes her kids listen to them in the car (I would add Radiolab), and writes LOL in capital letters to appear cool…” ouch!

When I told Susan via Facebook (What?  You thought she remained disconnected? lol), she replied: “The thought of that conversation has been making me lol (lower case, mind you) for the past two days.”

The bottom line is though I may yearn for the ability to pull the plug on my family’s electronic lifelines – there doesn’t seem much point now that she’s actually done it.  And besides… how would I blog the experience???!