My Sydney adventure in photos

Finally, I have pulled my finger out of my nether regions and got around to posting some photos from our trip to Sydney… last month!

My baby waits for the Chaser to start.

One of the highlights was popping into Ultimo and watching the final Chaser recorded.

For the final they were on the set of At the Movies.

We managed to find the only seats in the audience that are never shown on film.

One of the highlights for me was watching the camera crew.

I’m really only familiar with news studios and in them the cameras are pretty much fixed in place.

On the Chaser set they are moving all the time – it’s quite exciting to watch.

So when you forget your adapter - and you have a US charger - look what you can use!

I know, I know… and odd thing to throw in but it was such a great tip from my living-in-America sister and I had forgotton my adapter.

My sister and me.

Speaking of my sister… I do look rather tanned but that could have been the make-up…

The girls LOVED Wicked! (and I did too)

We went to see Wicked! And I heartily recommend it – really good fun for all ages… well… maybe not really little ones… and it is better if you are familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz… but who isn’t?


My cute niece and nephew who we don’t see enough of. 🙂

Pretty beetle eh?

So we came across this beetle… and that’s the end of that story.

Dippity is a kid magnet.

We caught up with another friend and her two daughters… my Dippity was VERY popular.

My brother thought this horrible facepaint should be immortalised in oil paint... Mum and I aren't quite so sure. 🙂

So now to the exhibition… and I have to start with the one portrait of me.

I was in facepaint for a production of The Curse of the Willy Willy.

I ask you… is it really fair to immortalise us in oil???

My cute niece.

Awww isn’t she just darling?

Dippity was delighted to teach her new cousin how to high five.

A highlight for Dippity was teaching her one year old cousin how to high five.

Gil and I lived together 20 years ago when I moved to Sydney - we used to hang out at a nightclub called Rogues... anyone remember it?

So yeah… Rogues… anyone remember it?

We had a blast dancing there back in the day… er… somewhere around 1990… OMG I am SO old!

I recall wearing a tight dress by George with tassles all over it… ah but that might have to be talked about another day…