Sitting is the new smoking… apparently

First there was the tech guy at work.

Then I went to Sydney and a colleague does it too.

Then on the plane back from Sydney I watched a doco which talked about how bad sitting was.

Then another tech guy got a very fancy hydrolic one.

Add to that my improved fitness through rowing, two weeks on Dry July (feel free to support my campaign) and my thinking that really I should try gluten free… four hours in a car on Monday and I thought – hmmm maybe that’s enough signs.

So I decided to try a standing desk.

But with no money to actually buy one, I had to improvise.

Desk 1.0:

desk 1.1

Now this was good in that I didn’t have to move too much around… but I soon found I needed my mouse wrist to be higher.

Desk 1.1:

desk 1.0

This lasted maybe half an hour.

Standing made me realise that my shelf was at almost the right height for my monitor.

And that the corner of my desk which works well when I’m seated is just annoying when standing.

I then found out that office paper boxes are just the right height for the keyboard AND filled with paper are very stable.

Unfortunately they are rather an unfortunate shade of green.

Desk 2.0:

desk 2.0


This version required quite a lot of faffing about with my stuff but I think the result is pretty good.

I’ve ordered a fatigue mat to stand on and if I’m still standing in a week or so will probably see if I can get some shelves and get rid of the paper.

(also, we may have run out of paper by then)

Now you are supposed to ease your way into standing, but I just went for it.

I did find my feet were aching a bit by the end but not that badly.

And 3/4 days I was wearing boots… sandshoes were more comfortable.

I won’t be wearing high heels though following news that my Sydney friend bruised her foot so badly she is back to sitting.

One thing I did find was that I move around A LOT more.  I walk the 2 or 3 paces to my colleague’s desk to ask a question rather than just turning around.

I dance at my desk when a great track comes on.

I am much more likely to go to someone’s office rather than pick up the phone.

And I gratefully accept a chair.

This standing thing.  I like it.

A strange week

Sunset drinks in Broome

My son went in for a pretty serious operation on Friday.

It was scary.

After three hours on the table he was weak and groggy.

This is of course not unexpected, just horrible to see when it’s your baby, your son, your brother.

He is recovering quickly. Resting a lot.

And. Finally. Home.

To distract myself this week (coincidentally) I travelled to Karratha and Broome (Monday-Thursday). That’s what I mean by a strange week.

I love travelling north.

I like the people I catch up with. I like the environment. I like the red dirt and the dreaming.

I didn’t wear my brand new sandshoes*.

The photo is me and Madelaine having a sunset St Clair Sav Blanc at Cable Beach.

Needless to say my exercise regime has been compromised…

Sunday: Social Rowing
Wednesday: Erg session at hotel
Friday: Just a lot of nervous energy

*the Pindan dirt would stain them in seconds flat

Fit For My Life


For nearly three years I’ve been on a protein regime. An omelette every day. Hardly any carbs.

Except wine of course.

Sure I have my lapses but mostly I’ve been avoiding carbs.

At first I lost HEAPS of weight, but lately it has been creeping on.

And the protein diet doesn’t seem to be working.

(of course the wine and not much exercise might have something to do with it)

14 years ago, just after my second baby, I went on the Fit For Life diet.

I lost heaps of weight.

Fit For Life is basically fruit until noon, then food combining after that.

ie don’t mix proteins with carbs

It’s kind of what I was doing with the protein thing as you don’t eat carbs.

Yesterday I started back on Fit For Life.


I had forgotten how much I LOVE fruit.

So nice to have fruit for breakfast.

Loving it.

Scales wise – too early to tell.

One thing though, I’ve remembered how hard it is to buy lunch (or any meal) that is not a mix of carbs and protein.


Looks like I’ll be making my lunch everyday too.


I love cats, I love every kind of cat

Cat 1 Groover 0

Having spent an evening in the company of a cat, my Groover is returned to me.

“Did the cat punch you in the eye?”  says my witty daughter.

This is why we don’t have a cat.

Maybe this song will make him feel better…

Get your mum to apply the sunblock

This is why.

Use zinc cream to get this effect

Ah the follies of youth.

Of course none of us would go outside in the Perth sunshine, well known for its lethal properties and expose our skin to within an inch of the burns unit.

Would we?


Well not without letting someone we trust apply the sunblock.

My poor baby has been in pain for four days and scratching for another four following this fun day at the beach.

We’re hoping she learns from this experience.

Poor thing.

Imagine having bloggers as parents…

Groover blogs here.

Tired, snotty, with cold


A photo of me at the moment would not be a pretty sight so I’m distracting you with a lovely sunset.

I am not a great patient.

I am grumpy and tired and I’ve eaten too much today.

Being home all day near a refrigerator is another bad idea.

And I’m clumsy.

As I was lying on the couch watching telly I noticed my toenails needed painting so of course I did them and watching House waited for them to dry.

Cleaning up I knock the nail polish over the floor.

The carpet.

Then I go out to get a pie for dinner – I can’t cook when I’m sick (and I’ve eaten all the leftovers in the fridge) and when I cut it open it’s chicken and mushroom not beef and stout and the kid won’t eat it.

Bad things happen in threes they say.

  1. I get a cold
  2. I knock over the nail polish (it’s hard to get off carpet you know)
  3. I get a dud pie

Phew… I thought I was going to have to wait for one more.

A perfect Sunday lunch


How good is this diet I’m on?

In the last two weeks I’ve lost about four kilos, I’ve not given up wine and I get to have lunches like this.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese wheels – easy and delicious – with a light salad.

There was a light breeze as I sat outside on my reclining camper chair eating my salad and thinking that the world was a pretty good place to be in.

Speaking of salads… here’s a little rant.

Why do restaurants – in particular perhaps those that aren’t so great – overdo salads?

The one on this plate has some rocket leaves, one chopped spring onion, some sliced cucumber and yellow capsicum.

Simple and delicious.

A salad I had the other day at a restaurant had so many competing flavours I felt sick by the end of it.

It’s unnecessary.

I’m writing this listening to my new iTunes purchase – Elbow‘s The Seldom Seen Kid.

Strange name for a band don’t you think?

Stranger if they’d decided to call themselves after the inside of the elbow… you know… that little crease on your arm that has no name.

I guess then that little crease would have a name.

You know, maybe I should give up on the wine.

Speaking of which…

I’ve just volunteered to host four kids going to my daughter’s school’s drama weekend.

Are you okay with Halal cooking I’m asked.

LOL – I don’t even know what that is.

Something to do with the meat is slaughtered no?

So I say yes, whatever and then my daughter tells me she’s not even doing the weekend because I didn’t fill out some form.

How very irritating.

I put my headphones in, turn Elbow up loud and go to a better place.

UPDATE: And then discover that iTunes didn’t download the album properly and I’m missing two tracks including the one I actually bought the album for. I don’t know, you do the right thing and throw money at the problem and you end up wishing you’d got your teenage son to steal it for you. (Note… that was a joke. As if I’d admit to being THAT bad a parent on a public blog)

Goodbye girls

What a week!

Two funerals – which to be fair were both uplifting in their own ways.  An odd mixture of celebration and sadness and seeing people at their most real.

I do like this trend of personal funerals rather than the traditional church burials – you really feel you know the person.

As for mine?

I don’t care.

Cremate me in a cardboard box and play Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Cello Suite 1 as you throw my ashes off the ridge at Ennuin (or wherever),  that’d do for me.  It’s up to you. Funerals are for the living not the dead. 

I stopped to smell the roses on the way to work one day this week.  That’s what funerals do for you.

Smelling the roses

It didn’t smell but it did look pretty.

I wasn’t going to talk about funerals today, but I guess they have been a big part of this week.

My crazy protein diet is still on.

Tomatoes and bacon for breakfast – my favourite breakfast and one I rarely have because… well it’s bacon. 

But bacon is protein and therefore allowed.

I’m losing weight.

The girls are going.

Gee it’s been fun having them.  I can see some lingerie purchases will soon be necessary.


But my waist is coming back.  Yay!

I might even be able to bear to buy some scales.

In other news, the other day I was in the city and came across a Free Iran protest.

This I could tell from the banners. 

All the speeches were in Arabic so can’t tell you exactly what the protest is about.

It made me feel good to be an Australian.

How we allow everyone to have their moment to speak publically about issues they care about.

I think we’d all like a free Iran.

So it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow… have any plans?

I’m planning a visit to the beauty parlour – an annual overhaul?

I do hate going and have people fuss over me.

Yes I realise that that makes me less of a woman.

Let me check my care factor… oh… zero.

So I’m stealing myself for some major fuss.

Standby for a sleeker, browner, glossier Cellobella.

Just like me, but better.

That Indian Ocean bite

You remember how the other day I was going on about how I needed that Indian Ocean bite to “wake me up“?

I am officially awake.


I saw a stinger (small translucent square shaped jellyfish) when I was about waist deep, but Groover was already at the pylon and I figured that I had as good a chance as any to not get stung.


“I’ve been stung!”, I wailed as I drifted around the back of the pylon.

“Oh don’t be daft – it’s psychosomatic”, said Groover, using a very long word for 8 o’clock in the morning.

It didn’t hurt that much.

A vague tingling and I knew it had somehow swum down into my swimsuit.

(goodness knows how – there isn’t even enough room for me!)

It was a short swim.

As Groover said this morning as I was trying to convince him to come with me:  “What is the point?  It’s not like you’re working out!”

They are always short swims.

For one thing – it is FREEZING.

For another – I’m not that fond of swimming.

And now – there be stingers!

But that is not the point.

The point is: if I’m staying at home for the holidays I need to at least feel I’m on vacation.


Despite the copious amounts of vinegar applied, today I just feel stung.

And I’ve also just found out my sister and her family can’t make it home for Christmas after all.

Stung again.

Herbal cure


The last couple of months haven’t been great for me.  I’ve felt very… thin skinned.

Ever felt like that?

Like the tiniest thing can break through and bring tears to the surface?

At first, I thought it might be hormonal.  It seemed to be in cycles.

I’m nearly 43 and I’ve had a hysterectomy which I’ve been told can trigger early menopause.

(I still have my ovaries… if they are removed you get menopause immediately)

So I’m quietly freaking out because not only am I feeling emotional a lot of the time but I’m thinking: “Shit!  I’m too young to be menopausal!”

It still took me 6 weeks to get to a doctor for a blood test (denial?) and when I did the blood tests came back clear.  I’m not menopausal.  Not even peri-menopausal… although the hormone levels are getting close.


So then the question was – why the tears?

Was I depressed?

The doctor offered drugs… but saying yes to drugs seemed like giving up.

“You don’t have to feel like this”, she said.

Sure… but taking prescription drugs… I don’t want to be that person.

Not yet anyway.

So then she suggested I try St John’s Wort.

Two weeks later (denial again?) I gave it a go.

Instant resiliance.  Instant.

Hmmm I thought… what the hell am I taking?

At this point you are probably wondering why I didn’t Dr Google it before I took it… to be honest I just thought – hey it’s herbal, probably won’t make any difference, how effective could it be.

Which just goes to show that you shouldn’t take herbal medicine lightly.

Serious medical trials have been done which suggest that St John’s Wort is more effective than placebos in the treatment of mild to moderately severe forms of depression. (See also)

So… does that mean that I’ve given up?  That I have mild depression?

It’s a scary thought and one I’m choosing not to think about too much at the moment.  I prefer to think that I’m just going through a bad patch and that already things are looking better.

Hey I’m blogging more again… that’s got to be good sign. 

Doesn’t it?