Pylon wars

It’s the first day of my holidays and to make it feel like a holiday and not just a weekend, instead of a walk by the beach I insisted we swim around the Cottesloe pylon.

I needed to feel sand between my toes and have the sharp bite* of the Indian Ocean wake me up.

But a shock was in store…


Those hooligans from North Cottesloe surf lifesaving club had been up to mischief!

You might remember not that long ago I commented on the fact that the pylon had finally been repaired.

Here it is in all it’s glory back in October:


Note the Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving club colours of yellow and black.


I wonder how long it will take them to paint the blue and white of North Cottesloe over.

Meantime, we swam around the pylon. It was low tide and wasn’t quite the workout I had expected.

I can tell you that both the repair job and the paint job are not so flash from the other side.

* Not a literal bite obviously although that’s not an implausible conclusion. The area is known for it’s Great White attacks…

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