Fit For My Life


For nearly three years I’ve been on a protein regime. An omelette every day. Hardly any carbs.

Except wine of course.

Sure I have my lapses but mostly I’ve been avoiding carbs.

At first I lost HEAPS of weight, but lately it has been creeping on.

And the protein diet doesn’t seem to be working.

(of course the wine and not much exercise might have something to do with it)

14 years ago, just after my second baby, I went on the Fit For Life diet.

I lost heaps of weight.

Fit For Life is basically fruit until noon, then food combining after that.

ie don’t mix proteins with carbs

It’s kind of what I was doing with the protein thing as you don’t eat carbs.

Yesterday I started back on Fit For Life.


I had forgotten how much I LOVE fruit.

So nice to have fruit for breakfast.

Loving it.

Scales wise – too early to tell.

One thing though, I’ve remembered how hard it is to buy lunch (or any meal) that is not a mix of carbs and protein.


Looks like I’ll be making my lunch everyday too.


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