That Indian Ocean bite

You remember how the other day I was going on about how I needed that Indian Ocean bite to “wake me up“?

I am officially awake.


I saw a stinger (small translucent square shaped jellyfish) when I was about waist deep, but Groover was already at the pylon and I figured that I had as good a chance as any to not get stung.


“I’ve been stung!”, I wailed as I drifted around the back of the pylon.

“Oh don’t be daft – it’s psychosomatic”, said Groover, using a very long word for 8 o’clock in the morning.

It didn’t hurt that much.

A vague tingling and I knew it had somehow swum down into my swimsuit.

(goodness knows how – there isn’t even enough room for me!)

It was a short swim.

As Groover said this morning as I was trying to convince him to come with me:  “What is the point?  It’s not like you’re working out!”

They are always short swims.

For one thing – it is FREEZING.

For another – I’m not that fond of swimming.

And now – there be stingers!

But that is not the point.

The point is: if I’m staying at home for the holidays I need to at least feel I’m on vacation.


Despite the copious amounts of vinegar applied, today I just feel stung.

And I’ve also just found out my sister and her family can’t make it home for Christmas after all.

Stung again.

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  1. Owwww 🙁

    I love that you took photos and blogged it, however, not long after the event occurred. Nice blogging form Cellobella!

    I haven’t been stung in Perth yet this year, but the beach near my sister’s place in Busselton is always teeming with stingers at this (and every…) time of year… which is a shame because the ocean is so calm and warm near her house!

  2. owww! That looks much worse than my blue bottle sting at Coral Bay. But mine only caught up in the back of my bikini top.
    It did make me slightly less scared of stingers, as it didn’t hurt *that* much.
    Still, it shouldn’t have been there and I’d only been in the water for 5 mins, damn typical with my phobia of sea creatures!

  3. Actually the worst case of stinger stings I ever had was Geographe Bay about halfway between Busselton and Dunsborough. I was pushed off a surfboard and had to swim through a cloud of them.

    It’s now about 6 hours later and I can’t feel the stings at all although the welts are still pink.

    I lathered them with Stingose after my shower and that seems to have done the trick. (I always keep some in the house Fairlie – it’s very useful stuff!)

  4. OOOO that looks like it hurts! I too can not remember ever having encountered a stinger at Cott, down south yes and over at Rotto but never at Cott! So is the pylon still blue and white?

  5. I know… completely wrong.

    And yet… it happened.

    And… Sigga… the pylon is still blue and white. I’m wondering maybe that North Cott won the lifesaving comp or something. Does that get them colours rights?

  6. ARGHHHhhhh…

    I reckon that women swimsuits form the best ‘funnels’ for stingers. Don’t know what it is specifically but for whatever reason they manage to get the slippery little buggers right in there… ouch!!! Not that I have ever worn one you understand 😉

    I once dived straight into a big mob of em – stung my eye so bad I couldn’t see out of it for days – it bloody hurt like buggery!

  7. North Cottesloe have no painting rights. It’s just a very large fine if you get caught (even for the Cottesloe Surf Club) so painting it back would take precision planning. It will happen though.

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