Tired, snotty, with cold


A photo of me at the moment would not be a pretty sight so I’m distracting you with a lovely sunset.

I am not a great patient.

I am grumpy and tired and I’ve eaten too much today.

Being home all day near a refrigerator is another bad idea.

And I’m clumsy.

As I was lying on the couch watching telly I noticed my toenails needed painting so of course I did them and watching House waited for them to dry.

Cleaning up I knock the nail polish over the floor.

The carpet.

Then I go out to get a pie for dinner – I can’t cook when I’m sick (and I’ve eaten all the leftovers in the fridge) and when I cut it open it’s chicken and mushroom not beef and stout and the kid won’t eat it.

Bad things happen in threes they say.

  1. I get a cold
  2. I knock over the nail polish (it’s hard to get off carpet you know)
  3. I get a dud pie

Phew… I thought I was going to have to wait for one more.

3 Replies to “Tired, snotty, with cold”

  1. Chicken and mushroom? Send it on over here, we love them. That dreaded lurgy seems to be getting around a bit, friends in Sydney and Melbourne have it too.

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