The lost art of handiness

I’ve been thinking this week about being handy around the home.  Jamie from work raised it.  He’s a thirty-something (maybe late 20s) generation Y and he was lamenting how he is rubbish when it comes to those fixes  around the house that our grandfathers and fathers just… well they just do stuff.

Need a new surround for your oven?  Right on it.

A wooden box for your computer.  No problemo.

You want a picture hung where??

A couple of years ago Rory and I built a pergola with decking out the back.  Well when I say we built it, it’s probably more accurate to say Dad built it and we assisted him.

Engineer of the Year in 1995, he is the master builder.

Occasionally though, we got to play with the grown ups tools.

This is dad supervising me on a circular saw:

Now we need a new pergola out the front and I’m hoping Rory and Hugo might be persuaded to have a go.

In the meantime, today I have been pretty handy myself.

the light works

I’ve got a rowing light which a couple of months ago just stopped working.

Very annoying.

I thought at first it was the battery nodes as they were looking a little rusty, but even cleaned the light wouldn’t work.

So I got out my handy phillips head baby screwdriver and undid the screws and took it apart.

There was moisture in the “light” area so I dried that off first and then I realised that the little wires going from the battery to the electronics had lost connection.

(the second one especially so after I wiggled it to see if it was firm… as you do)

So I got out the wire stippers and the soldering iron and as you can see from the picture… voila!

Isn’t soldering fun.  Fun in an annoying – wish I had a magnifying light lens thing – damn it that solder ball got away again – kind of way.

I am pretty impressed with myself.

Fingers crossed the light stays working!


Amazing how being old changes things

Pub Crawl

Take this weekend for instance.

Friday night, went out with friends from Groover’s work for a 30th birthday party pub crawl.

It was REALLY well organised.

There was party bingo, party poker. Each pub/venue we went to had an area reserved for us. Food… drinks… kareoke.

And we had a great time, getting home around 1.30am.

Slept well, but awoke feeling a little dodgy.

Got up to go the boatclub around 7am.

Played bridge in the afternoon.

And that was me done.


Managed to stay awake for an episode of Breaking Bad but was asleep by 9.15. Fast asleep. On a Saturday night.

Now in the olden days, I wouldn’t have broken stride.

I am turning into an old person that gets up early (that actually enjoys getting up early) and crashes before Lateline.

When did that happen?

The fat bonus

UWABC Masters Women Quad

First of all – we survived the race. I know you were wondering.

One crab, one almost crab, one collision, one stop and one fin later.

It was a beautiful day on the Canning River and I think we all felt great that we’d finished and not disgraced ourselves.

Next time we’ll be in zooties – those most unattractive garments – which, unless you are an Olympian – just don’t do much for the figure.

There will be no photos below head and shoulders whilst I am wearing a zootie. That’s what secret groups on facebook are for.

Anyway as discussed yesterday, there is some way to go to improve my fitness but that hasn’t stopped me invoking a “fat bonus” every time I make a food decision.

Do I really want that chocolate? Hey… I exercised this morning….

Hmmm that was delicious… seconds? Why not! I went rowing today.

Dessert? You don’t even need to ask.

Problem is I’ve spent my “fat bonus” two or three times.

And I suspect it isn’t that big a bonus anyway.


UPDATE: We came third in our class WE4X+ (out of 6). Yay.

Fit For My Life


For nearly three years I’ve been on a protein regime. An omelette every day. Hardly any carbs.

Except wine of course.

Sure I have my lapses but mostly I’ve been avoiding carbs.

At first I lost HEAPS of weight, but lately it has been creeping on.

And the protein diet doesn’t seem to be working.

(of course the wine and not much exercise might have something to do with it)

14 years ago, just after my second baby, I went on the Fit For Life diet.

I lost heaps of weight.

Fit For Life is basically fruit until noon, then food combining after that.

ie don’t mix proteins with carbs

It’s kind of what I was doing with the protein thing as you don’t eat carbs.

Yesterday I started back on Fit For Life.


I had forgotten how much I LOVE fruit.

So nice to have fruit for breakfast.

Loving it.

Scales wise – too early to tell.

One thing though, I’ve remembered how hard it is to buy lunch (or any meal) that is not a mix of carbs and protein.


Looks like I’ll be making my lunch everyday too.


Sofa v Zombie

Zombie daughter

Yes. Supernova.

So last Sunday Miss Dippity got up early (while I was at rowing) mixed up a pot of pink food colouring, glucose syrup and cocoa powder and turned into a zombie.

The blood effect was quite effective.

Unfortunately it was also quite effective at GETTING ALL OVER THE HOUSE.

Which was fine because mostly we were talking hard surfaces and they are easily cleaned.

But just as she was leaving she tripped over the couch and we ended up with “blood” on the sofa.

Our sofas covered at great expense by the management in beige.

(well it’s probably called sandstone or something fancy but it is effectively beige)

Not wanting to waste a minute at Supernova, she quickly flipped the cushion over and ran for the train.

Unfortunately her crime was soon discovered after Groover followed her sticky red footprints through the house.

My zombie daughter was in trouble.

I admit that even though we chose the fabric because of it’s stain resistant and easy clean properties, I didn’t actually believe it would be that easy.

But it was.

I went to work on Monday.

Groover got out some warm water and hey presto!  (I was seriously impressed and relieved I didn’t have to do it)

We have our beige sofa back.

And our daughter lives.

Sofa 1: Zombie 0

The wall and one’s proximity to it

Morning sunlight

Every morning I walk past this wall and at the time I walk with the sun just rising, the light is very beautiful.

A golden yellowish wash to the day.

I say every morning, but I really mean most mornings.

This morning I slept in and dreamt.

Something about my wedding candles and supplying a church.

And so now, at the other end of the day what I really should be doing is putting on my sandshoes and doing my “morning” lap.

But I’m not.

I have tracky daks on.

I have ugg boots on.

I have a glass of sav blanc.

I feel as if I’ve been given a free night, as I had got the idea in my head that I was playing bridge tonight erroneously.

And, to be honest, the thought was a little exhausting.

Last week I played bridge until 11pm and felt as if I had hit the wall the next day… run over.

Tired in the way that only a night out in Fremantle can alleviate.

It makes me think that my days of going out late on a Thursday night could be over.

*worried look*

Far better to slip on the sheepskin and cuddle up in front of the telly.

Loving the new season of Game of Thrones btw.

First world problem: glasses in the rain

I don’t know if you know dear reader, but I am now wearing glasses full time.

Four eyes

Which has been fine because the weather has been fine.

But today it rained.

And of course my glasses fogged up and got covered in raindrops.


And of course those of you who have seen me daily wrestling with my overstuffed handbag to find my pass, keys, wallet, playing cards, headphones, phone, other phone, book, kindle, nail file, water bottle, book would realise that a quick dip into my bag to pull out my glasses case and get out the special little glasses shammy to clean them is just not possible.

Just another first world problem to put up with.

When I first got my glasses, some were kind enough to point out my resemblance to the character of Velma in Scooby Doo.

In fact, when I, AS A JOKE PEOPLE, used a photo of Velma as my avatar on Facebook, you commented “Great photo” not realising that it was Linda Cardellini.

My alter ego

I don’t even suit orange (although I do like that funky little utility belt).

Still.  It could be worse.

Original Velma

People who wear glasses – what do you do about the rain problem?