Sitting is the new smoking… apparently

First there was the tech guy at work.

Then I went to Sydney and a colleague does it too.

Then on the plane back from Sydney I watched a doco which talked about how bad sitting was.

Then another tech guy got a very fancy hydrolic one.

Add to that my improved fitness through rowing, two weeks on Dry July (feel free to support my campaign) and my thinking that really I should try gluten free… four hours in a car on Monday and I thought – hmmm maybe that’s enough signs.

So I decided to try a standing desk.

But with no money to actually buy one, I had to improvise.

Desk 1.0:

desk 1.1

Now this was good in that I didn’t have to move too much around… but I soon found I needed my mouse wrist to be higher.

Desk 1.1:

desk 1.0

This lasted maybe half an hour.

Standing made me realise that my shelf was at almost the right height for my monitor.

And that the corner of my desk which works well when I’m seated is just annoying when standing.

I then found out that office paper boxes are just the right height for the keyboard AND filled with paper are very stable.

Unfortunately they are rather an unfortunate shade of green.

Desk 2.0:

desk 2.0


This version required quite a lot of faffing about with my stuff but I think the result is pretty good.

I’ve ordered a fatigue mat to stand on and if I’m still standing in a week or so will probably see if I can get some shelves and get rid of the paper.

(also, we may have run out of paper by then)

Now you are supposed to ease your way into standing, but I just went for it.

I did find my feet were aching a bit by the end but not that badly.

And 3/4 days I was wearing boots… sandshoes were more comfortable.

I won’t be wearing high heels though following news that my Sydney friend bruised her foot so badly she is back to sitting.

One thing I did find was that I move around A LOT more.  I walk the 2 or 3 paces to my colleague’s desk to ask a question rather than just turning around.

I dance at my desk when a great track comes on.

I am much more likely to go to someone’s office rather than pick up the phone.

And I gratefully accept a chair.

This standing thing.  I like it.