Butterflies and rivers


Isn’t this a great photo?

I can’t claim credit.  It’s one of my dad’s from his recent trip to the Kimberley.

That ochre coloured stain on the rock is in fact… ochre.

The butterfly had landed on some rock paintings.  In fact many had.

Maybe it was attracted to the art like my father.

I love its spotted chest.


Chest?  Surely I mean thorax.

The dots look as if they’ve been painted on too.

Perhaps the butterflies inspired the artists.

Maybe that’s why the butterflies land on the paintings?


Unfortunately in this case the link is not obvious.

The paintings are not Dot Paintings from the Western Desert but Wandjinas.




Not so many dots…

It’s time to go back to the Kimberley.

Instead, today I made do with the Swan River.

We decided to go canoeing and made our way from the Causeway around to East Perth.

The canoes were sea kayaks.

Clumsy plastic rafts, but the weather was calm and there was a real sense of adventure as we set off up the river under the bridge.

Our bodies, unused to sitting and paddling, soon complained and I fear tomorrow we will discover new muscles.

They’ll be the ones not moving the way they used to.

It felt good though to be doing something active and exploring a new aspect of our city.

Not quite the Kimberley perhaps.

One does what one can.