Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea 2009

We wandered around the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, too early to buy a program, which, if I’m honest I wouldn’t have bought anyway because it cost $8 and that seems a bit rich, wondering which piece the council were going to buy.

I love walking past the sculptures from earlier years and it feels like one day walking around the suburb will be like visiting a permanent sculpture gallery.

This year, and probably because my son is so into civil aviation, I especially liked the Runway series. Below you see Barcelona, Anchorage and Shark Bay runways as art.

LOL at Shark Bay.




This is Ben Juniper’s Orchid.


This one is looking past one onto another.

(See, if I’d had the program I could have been more descriptive. Sorry for being tight.)


And one more… in the background look for the floating sculpture (for you M).


There’s something about viewing art on the beach – it’s a bit like seeing art in the wild, as if you happen upon it in its natural setting.

If you think of an art gallery as being a zoo, Sculpture by the Sea is like going on safari.

Now where’s my pith helmet…

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5 Replies to “Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea 2009”

  1. Oh gosh I’d love to see Sculpture at the Sea in Cott. We have it at Bondi here but not on the beach. Being on the beach must be amazing. Any floating out in the water?

  2. Yes there is one… if you go to the rest of the pics you can see it in the background of the one I think I subtitle “framed”. It’s a clear bubble with a ball inside it.

    One year they had a giant 8-ball.

  3. I love that floating one! It takes me right back to those “coke is life” ads in the 1970s? 1980s?

    We saw the Sculpture by the Sea in Cott in 2006 and thought it was such a great exhibition.

  4. It’s a great exhibition, isn’t it? I took heaps of photos but haven;t had the chance to post them yet! Crowds of people though. 🙁 I guess it’s to be expected.

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