Sculptures by the sea 2011

red boy

This sculpture was tall… an oversized bright red boy. I liked this one. I would have liked to have seen it in a more prominent position.

Cottesloe Beach

This is the view from the end of the groin back at the beach, now sadly eroded. Usually the beach hangs around until winter… but it has been an unusual summer.

At the end of the groin (excuse the pun)

And this is what was on the end of the groin.

From the other direction

Quite a striking figure but one wonders if better placed at Swanborne…

The kiss (at least that's what I call it)

Loved this one.

Intimacy laughed at

This is one of a series of three – one with a straight face, one smiling and this one laughing.

Talk to the hand(s)

This was a whole bunch of hands on sticks.

Boy and camels
Solid reflections

Loved this one – I think it was a Danish artist.

Her cup overflowth

This was my favourite. She/it is so sexy. I believe another version of this was at Bondi a few years ago.

Man in boat

This one was also sweet. And yes there is water in the boat.

Sand shoes

And you’ve got to have whimsy.

All in all, another enjoyable exhibition. I would like to see another floating sculpture… they are always fun.

Oh and we downloaded Russ and Pete’s podcast which was an interesting take.

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  1. We checked out the exhibition late on Sunday afternoon (after enjoying some takeaway from Amberjacks). Unfortunately by then the wind had well and truly settled in and it was too chilly for a dip in the water.

    I loved the bright miniature wheelie bins and the colourful fans. Also had my photo taken underneath the big red man’s legs!

    Do you think some of the artists whose works are placed up on the grass, on the other side of Indiana’s, feel like they miss out on the number of visitors (as compared to those whose works are on the sand)?

    I still remember the gigantic plug and the lifesavers from last year’s (I think) exhibition.

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