Alison’s vagina

I was witness to a very special moment this weekend at a barbecue celebrating our storytelling success at the Blue Room… watch out for Barefaced Stories at a pub near you soon!

Alison with her newly discovered vagina

The backstory:

A few weeks ago, Ali and I signed up for a storytelling course… you remember that nude beach story… that course…

Anyway during that course Alison told this fabulous story about how as a 19 year old girl fresh from the country she met an artist (read: picked up an artist from a bustop) and how he was keen to sculpt her vagina.

The story is fabulous and when the podcast is out I will share it here.

So I won’t go into details… but after she told that story, two other participants decided they HAD to find the sculpture.

I had the same idea and I was going to use social media to find it but they were far more practical.

The guy who found it – lets call him Sean – just went round to the house and asked the guy living there if it was still around. The guy said he’d look and three days later Sean drove past and saw it on the verge ready for him to pick up.

Alison had no idea.

And no one told her.

For hours we watched and waited for her to notice the small “half-a-carton” sized piece of limestone on the grass.

When the moment came, her reaction was priceless.

Witness for yourself.

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