Dirt Music

I have just finished Dirt Music by Tim Winton.

I went off Tim’s work… Cloudstreet was okay but The Riders was awful and since then I just couldn’t bear to go back but then a person whom I respect said that if I didn’t like Tim’s work, Dirt Music was the one I’d most likely like… so when I saw it on the “yet to be put back on the shelves” trolley at the library* I thought I’d give it a go.

It still took me about a month to pick it up… I had Robin Hobb and JK to read first, not to mention Philippa Gregory and Maeve Binchy (okay okay but I needed to escape)… but eventually I started reading.

And you know what?

I liked it. It was good. I felt the adjectives were a little too frequent in the opening chapters, a little pretentious, but either they weren’t, or I got used to them. I really enjoyed it. Yes and even gasped out loud at the end.

Everyone else has read it so I don’t feel the need to ramble on about the plot but yes, I will pick up this West Australian author again. Tim, you have redeemed yourself!

* I always scour the returns trolley. I love to see what others have been reading and I’ve discovered some new authors which I would never have found on the shelves… I recommend this practice to the regular library visitor as a short cut to new authors. Otherwise I just browse my faves on the shelves…