Warning – this is a post about Big Brother

How dumb can the housemates be?  Plenty, with the exception of Alicia who just looks as if she is.

And the producers are not exempt – if they wanted anyone else to be evicted apart from Daniela on Sunday – you know, to make it more interesting for us viewers – they should have told the housemates the deal and given them time to work out their strategies. Stupid.

Blind Freddy could see that evicting Billy was the sensible move – he had the twist and was definitely going to be there for the last week unless they evicted him – they didn’t – and now four of them are up this week with two going.

Then IMHO, Billy should have twisted Alicia in.  She would have been unlikely to go and at least one of the strongest competitors would have gone.  Even if she did go she is more likely to win than Billy. Instead Zach will come out and probably Zoran.  Boring.

Am I surprised by their collective stupidity? No. Will I still watch it?  Oh yeah, sure.