Project Runway Australia – yes I’m addicted

For those of you who haven’t caught Project Runway this is a snippet from Episode One of Project Runway Australia.

I fell in love with the US series. Some of the girls in the office have Foxtel and started talking about it. Then we started getting preview tapes. Now I live for the mailbag.

Will I get Foxtel?

Probably not. I really don’t need any more screen time.

Oooooh but I’m tempted. 🙂

Here’s what happened at the end of Episode One:

4 Replies to “Project Runway Australia – yes I’m addicted”

  1. Totally, absolutely have been addicted for years now.

    Have (and am a “supplier” of) US season 1+2+3+4 – currently watching season 5, Project Runway Canada (the best of all of them), Project Catwalk (UK) – season 1+2+3 and am in the midst of Oz.

    Henry is totally “Buzz” from the PS2 quizzes.

  2. “Arena” is part of the ‘basic’ package, if that helps 😉

    2.30pm on Saturdays is wine time for me and the Runway – love it.

    Gotta get you a link to something .. back in a minny .. you’ll love it …

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