Fingernail vanity


I know posting about this is tantamount at waving a red flag at fate and saying “Yoo hoo! Over here! Time to break a fingernail!” but I don’t care.

I’ve managed to grow my fingernails quite long and they’ve not broken all week, despite gardening on Sunday and I wanted a record..


By the way anyone watching East of Everything on Sunday nights? What do you think?
I’m thinking it’s not quite Seachange but I’m starting to enjoy it three episodes in… and that Richard Roxburgh is pretty cute…

How hard can it be?

I was feeling a bit uninspired this evening.

Don’t want to cook dinner.

Don’t want to clean up.

Don’t want to do any work.

Don’t have a book on the go.

Don’t have any “projects”.

And then I hear a loud exclamation from the lounge room.

The show on the telly is The Biggest Loser.

“It’s really important that I make the right choice…” says the Loser in question…

“What?! How hard can it be?!!” Is what I hear, “They’re fries?!!!”

The Loser had to choose the product with the least fat. There was a 60g packet of muesli against a 72g packet of fries.

Put it this way: There was a good reason this person needed to be on the show.

Speaking of losers… did anyone catch My Kid’s A Star the other night?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Beger Photography ( Productions)

Easter salutations

It is with some trepidation that I wish you all a Happy Easter.

The last time I politely wished a lovely old lady Happy Easter, she snappishly returned:

“Don’t say that to me! Don’t you know what happened on Good Friday? There’s nothing happy in that!”

I was too taken aback to say another word and today – two years later – think twice before wishing anyone happy Easter before Sunday.

Well, except for people I know… like you… 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend whatever you get up to. It’s a great chance to catch up with family and friends and relax.

Barack Obama v Matt Santos

Obama and wife west wing

If you’re looking for something to pod over the weekend and you’re a West Wing fan – Gerry Ryan has done an interview with someone who wrote for the series on the similarities between Matt Santos and Barack Obama.

Eliattie is A Writer And Producer Of West Wing – He Discusses The Final Seasons Of The West Wing.

Make up on police officers

Watching The Bill tonight I couldn’t help but notice the perfect make-up on the uniformed officers – in particular Gina Gold and Emma Keane. It just looked… wrong.

Now I know I know it’s a TV show, but it made me think… how many female police officers have I seen with perfect make-up? Or indeed any make-up?


It’s not as if I wear make-up everyday mind you. That’s why I don’t work in television! Although at least then you can get someone to apply it for you.

And I don’t expect police officers to wear it either.

But maybe they do.

Are you a female police officer? Do you wear make-up?

Do female police officers wear make-up in your town?

Natalie wins!

(Despite some pretty serious wardobe malfunctions… and by that I of course refer mostly to the dress she arrived in. That was a toilet roll cover if ever I saw one.)

You see I was going to start this post with some remarks about Natalie’s choice in clothes tonight but then I saw Shallow Hal and I decided no.

I thought Natalie performed the winner’s single better than Matt and that in the end is what got her over the line. It was her voice that I noticed when I heard the ads over the week.

So now we’ll see if she is an Australian Idol. If her success continues past the winner’s single and “The Journey” tour. And we’ll see whose career takes off.

I’m curious to hear her originals (and wasn’t that gracious of Matt to mention them).

I’m also curious to hear Matt’s first album.

And I’m going to have to think of a new thing to write about on Sundays…

The final two

And the penultimate Idol post. You may be relieved to know.


On tonight’s performances. I think Matt will win.

The Wolfmother performance was pure class.

I did like Nat’s Kate Bush song but it was not as good as Matt’s Wolfmother number.

Here I Am is the name of the new single. Another BIG YAWN. I’m so sorry Matt and Nat that they put you through that. I’m even sorrier that we had to listen to it.

Why oh why can’t they choose a song that is upbeat, fun to listen to, maybe even catchy.

I thought Natalie did a better job but poor her for having to finish on such a crappy song.

So Opera House next and Matt should win.

Natalie had three wardrobe malfunctions – but without Kyle to call them so the show lost its edge – Now we know why we have judges!

I’m so bored with this series. Last year we were downloading songs and singing to them on the way to work – this year meh.

C’mon Ten, get it over with already!

Fashion flashbacks to the eighties

Natalie in a body stockingThis Sunday on Idol, was it just me or did you think the stylists took inspiration from the nineteen eighties fashion wise.

First Natalie singing Ray of Light wearing what appeared to be a body stocking?! Either that or a very high g-string. I was surprised Kyle managed not to comment!

I’m not fussed on the song but it sounded alright to me. I didn’t pick up her nervousness and thought she sang it really well.

(that said I was distracted half-way through by my daughter telling me she could see worms in her poo! Quite frankly anything would have been a relief after that!)

Carl’s first performance I missed because I’d raced out to the chemist to pick up some worm tablets for everyone. No I didn’t buy the chocolate ones. I just get too disappointed in the erky chocolate flavour. It just doesn’t taste right to me. Groover said Carl did alright though. And he sounds okay in my headphones as I type this. He needs some dance moves though and not the one he didn’t quite land.

I saw Matt singing It’s Too Late as I was changing the duvet covers and pillowcases of my kids’ beds. I don’t like the song much but Matt did well. Sounds great in the headphones.

Part 2

Natalie Chicken FeetNatalie’s second song by Pink was great I thought. Bit more serious. But knickerbockers!? Yes it’s back to the eighties for the second time. Kyle went on and on about her little bootlets – he called them chicken feet. I liked them. What do you think?

She nailed the song.

Go Natalie!

Then we come to our THIRD fashion flashback to the eighties. I refer of course to Carl’s leather tie. A red one no less in his second song.

I remember my boyfriend in the eighties had two. A pale pink tie which he used to wear with a black shirt. (sharp eh?) And a black tie which he wore with a black and pink checked shirt. (oooh baby!) I can remember grabbing hold of the black one at roller skating and snapping it. The things I did for fashion, people!

Car; Leather TieNow where were we… oh yes the leather tie…


I thought he sang this just a tad too low. He was a bit breathy a bit all over the shop. The high note at the end was AWFUL.

But the judges didn’t pick up on it. In fact did they say anything?

Yes Marcia we know you love Carl… anything else?

And then we were ready for Fashion Flashback Number Four!

Which was… the Boy George hat. Yes yes I know Dicko tried to make it sound like a Peter Doherty look but the smokescreen didn’t work! “Matt is what Peter Doherty would look like if he’d just say no.” Or something like that. Look, he’s 17 and a good boy. Goes to church regular as Monty Python might say.

Matt's hat George's hat

He was good but I wasn’t that keen on his song choice… anyway he’s a cert for the final.

This week it’s between Carl and Natalie – and without Mark’s big push can Natalie do it? I sure hope so.

Go Natalie! (oh yeah… I said that.)

Who knew? Life IS fair.

And Marty has finally been voted off.


In the meantime we came fourth (it seems to have changed from 3rd for some reason) tonight in bridge which was a good effort but not enough to raise us from the depths of despair after last week. 🙂

We reckon we need about 80% next week in order to place.  For comparison, we got about 54% tonight and 38% (gulp) on the first night.  We are about 126 match points off the pace at the moment so it’s a big ask.


Go Natalie you good thing!

Natalie in an orange dressIt’s big band night on Australian Idol.  It’s supposed to be Carl’s night but it’s Natalie who shines.

Carl sings Me and Mrs Jones wearing an untied bow tie and a shirt so thin you can see his shoulderblades.  “Cheap shirt” says Groover from the not-so-cheap seats, not now that we’ve got surround sound.  And isn’t it worth it to hear the tenny-boppers screaming from behind us…

Then Marty whinges about this not being his night and slurs something that sounds a bit like music into the microphone.  He gets praised for trying.  He’s very trying.

Matt goes for an Electric-shocked-Elvis hairstyle and sings, well really it doesn’t matter the girls go mad.  I liked his silver jacket.

Then our girl stands up in a pretty weird dress it must be said… which doesn’t quite work… but sings out of the park a Natalie Cole song… Under an Orange Coloured Sky. Wham Bam Thank you Ma’am.  She was outstanding.

Part 2.

Carl sings Kiss Me.  Meh.  Okay he knows how to work the band.  The waistcoat hid his shoulder blades but he looked worried half the time and I just didn’t dig it.  You know what ah’m talkin’ ’bout?

Marcia breaks the records for the most number of “digs” in one sentence.  Groan.

Marty gets on to sing Light My Fire.  I wish someone would set him on fire.   Can he really be a contender?  Awkward, laboured and largely pointless says Dicko.   I tried says Marty.  No you didn’t!  You chose non-big band songs, and slouched your way through them.  It’s beneath you to even have a go?  If you had tried, I might be feeling somewhat sympathetic because it is not your natural style but. you. didn’t.  So don’t give me the I tried…  Go back to the beach and pull your finger out.  

[I go and collect my cushions from where they have fallen after bouncing off the screen, get myself a cup of tea and settle back for Matt and Nat.]

Matt in braces Joe McDonald - Thanks to the Melbourne Herald Sun

Matt sings Beyond the Sea.  Not sure the Joe McDonald braces work.  Not with jeans that tight.  OMG he skats!  Don’t scat Matt.  Let me tell you something about braces… fat people wear them.  Fat old men.  Think union officials.  Think Santa.  Still we love Matt and he does an okay job.  

Natalie in redHow high the moon?  As high as Natalie is after her brilliant second performance in a better frock.  I didn’t even mind the scatting when she did it.  And that’s saying something because as you know, I don’t like the scat.  She scores a touchdown and a desperate plea from Mark Holden to the voting audience to keep her in the competition.

He knows what we know.  She is vulnerable.  She stood on a piano and still got in the bottom two last week.  My fear is that despite her doing brilliantly  – beating Carl at his own game – she will be out this week.

If life were fair it would be Marty.