Television ratings and Gordon Ramsey

I love him, you may not... the question is should his show be on tv at 8.30?I love him. You may not. The question is given the level of “coarse language” should Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant programs – eg Kitchen Nightmares – be shown on free-to-air television as early as 8.30pm?

Today the radio was filled with talkback… yes still talking about Troy Buswell but also about the amount of swearing on Gordon Ramsey’s popular program “Kitchen Nightmares”. This show is on at 8.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights and is rated M for coarse language.

Ramsey’s feedback style is… direct. If you haven’t caught his show before he is more likely than not to say to some hapless chef ” What the f*&k is this? It’s f*^king sh!t. Call yourself a f$#king chef?!”

I haven’t counted how many swear words he might say but put it this way – he doesn’t hold back.

One night, albeit when it was on a later timeslot, I even heard the C-word dropped. My jaw hit my chest in disbelief… did I really hear that word on FTA telly?

I love his show though. I tune in every night, record it to miss the ads, and settle in with my cuppa to watch him take apart a restaurant and make a success of it and he obviously rates otherwise the TV execs wouldn’t schedule his show three nights a week…

There’s no doubt though that he is a bully in the way he gives his feedback. It might make good telly but I would hate to have anyone treat me as he treats these restaurant owners who presumably sign up for some Sado-Masochism – Gordon Ramsey style.

But that is all by-the-by… should his show, given the level of coarse language (very high) be allowed to be screened at 8.30?

What say you, my friend?