Can clothes save a relationship?

Trinny and SusannahI’m watching Trinny and Susannah Undress some random couple and through clothes they are saving their relationship… or trying to.

The first thing they noticed was that both had “given up” in what they were wearing.

(I’m sitting here in trakky daks, ugg boots and *Trinny shudders* polo fleece.)

So they got them to go out and buy an outfit for eachother – an outfit they are really keen to see the other in.

I thought this was a really interesting exercise. What would your partner buy for you? And what would it say about how they see you?

He bought the high heels and sexy lingerie as part of his outfit. She bought him a pink shirt, proper trousers and closed in shoes… but slip on – she was thinking of him.

Trinny and Susannah don’t pull their punches… much like their boob show where they pulled and prodded everyone’s tits this time they are quite incisive in their comments. Things like “you talk to him like he’s a child”. Pretty confronting.

Then they get naked (in silhouette) and talk about what they like about eachother’s bodies. That’s pretty confronting. And their sex lives. And their infidelities. That’s really confronting.

At first I was really sceptical but they stay away from marriage counselling – a good thing – and head to the shops and new clothes.

Say what you like about T&S, they know their clothes.

I confess to tearing up at the end.

Who knows whether the second honeymoon will last. How much difference can clothes really make?

Sounds like a good excuse for a trip to the shops!