Big Brother 08

Rima from BB08I’ve been debating with myself as to whether I’ll post about BB08. At first I thought I’d be a bit Rodney Olsen and do the “I don’t think so” deal… but then I thought well, I’ll watch the freak show for the first night and just see…

Well I saw.

The short, the old, the fat and the ugly. The Barbie doll, the boobs, the surfie and the fireman.

And now they have to sacrifice one of their own on first impressions.


What would you reveal – or not reveal – about yourself if you were trying to convince someone you’ve only just met to let you stay?

Will Rebecca talk about her hygiene paranoia for example?

Will Rory mention his anti-religion status – or David his strong faith?

Travis might not want to openly reveal he’s in it for the money… and he’s a church regular too. Hmmm maybe Rory had better keep quiet.

Chosen for their opposing views and likelihood to clash with each other, they are walking a minefield.

And if they say nothing? They might just be kicked out just for being boring.

Hmmm I might not mention my…

PS: If you missed it, Jen Live Blogged it.