BB08 – could it get any worse?

Last week the most popular search terms which ended up at my blog were “Rima” and “Rima bb08”. Now that of course was because last Friday night on BB08, Rima broke her leg during FNL and so I imagine there were a few worried viewers wondering what had happened to their favourite – now what was the term Ben used? Ah that’s right – height challenged housemate.

It was probably also due to the fact that there were a number of “tasteful” photographs, that her husband claims Rima is “quite happy with” circulating the net.


Now BB has sunk to the level of “dwarf porn” – not that Rima is in fact a dwarf, she says she has a very rare condition, so rare in fact that the condition was named after her.

Any normal reality television program might have stopped there, but BB doesn’t know where the line is, so they got together with another fellow who doesn’t know where the line is and asked him if he’d like to enter the house as a guest.

Corey - Aussie Party Boy

Recently described in a seminar I attended as the “Sum of all our fears”, enter Corey Worthington, a minor, aged just 17, now a guest in the freak show that is Big Brother 08.

To supervise him, they’ve challenged the recently evicted nanna, Terri, who cites her influences as Pauline Hanson and so you know, is the modicum of tolerance, with the task of guiding Corey in the house.

Her entry caused a full two minutes of continuous bleeping as the housemates expressed their joy at seeing the oldest ever housemate back again, a housemate they themselves chose to evict.

Channel 10, I can handle the f-word, but call me squeamish, references to dwarf porn after my Sunday roast do disturb me.

Excuse me. I need to shower. I feel a little dirty.

4 Replies to “BB08 – could it get any worse?”

  1. It renewed my admittedly tenuous faith in the human condition when Corey was booed and Channel Ten had underestimated their publicity stunt. I think Kyle was quite thrown by it all and Jackie O just kind of stood there unsure how to handle it.

    I’m avoiding the whole ‘height challenged porn’ stuff going around – I suspect your search terms should prove interesting this week LOL.

  2. Just saying hello to you all .. Still a bit confused about the goings on here, but I guess I’ll keep poking around.

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