The fat bonus

UWABC Masters Women Quad

First of all – we survived the race. I know you were wondering.

One crab, one almost crab, one collision, one stop and one fin later.

It was a beautiful day on the Canning River and I think we all felt great that we’d finished and not disgraced ourselves.

Next time we’ll be in zooties – those most unattractive garments – which, unless you are an Olympian – just don’t do much for the figure.

There will be no photos below head and shoulders whilst I am wearing a zootie. That’s what secret groups on facebook are for.

Anyway as discussed yesterday, there is some way to go to improve my fitness but that hasn’t stopped me invoking a “fat bonus” every time I make a food decision.

Do I really want that chocolate? Hey… I exercised this morning….

Hmmm that was delicious… seconds? Why not! I went rowing today.

Dessert? You don’t even need to ask.

Problem is I’ve spent my “fat bonus” two or three times.

And I suspect it isn’t that big a bonus anyway.


UPDATE: We came third in our class WE4X+ (out of 6). Yay.

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