What the hell is that?


So I flew up to Geraldton the other week and as I flew up the coast past our fair city I noticed what appeared to be – I don’t know – oil slicks? – emanating from the land.

Sewage slicks?

Freshwater creeks?

They were all along the coast but stopped once we got past civilisation.

Of course I snuck out my electronic camera and defying the chance that the navigation on the plane would go spastic and we’d end up in Bunbury – trusting, in fact, the pilots to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW and keep the coast on their right – I took a couple of snaps.

Quickly sliding my little instamatic behind a convenient cardie when the cabin crew walked past.

So what is your best guess?

I’m buggered if I know.

UPDATE:  Well you guys were rubbish at telling me what those lines were I must say!  Luckily at work today I ran across Professor Jorg Imberger who is the water guru of Perth, and he told me they are the result of Langmuir circulation. Vis a vis – it is wind my friends, wind.  Well you learn something every day.  I am, for one, happy to learn that they aren’t the result of pollution or anything nasty.

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  1. Wind… oops – pardon me!

    😉 Ok – yes, I know you’ve provided the answer already – but I’ve been in Karratha CB – so I didn’t know lol

    Hope Gero went well for you mate

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