Out and about in my New York coat

Rainy night in Melbourne

In Melbourne for a training course.

The forecast is for 14 degrees every day, except one which is 13.

Freezing for a Perth girl and I’m very glad to have my New York coat bought after being stranded in Vancouver in their worst snow storm in a 130 years (although it was worse in Victoria BC).

The snow was thigh high.

I was 5 months pregnant.

Planes weren’t going anywhere and we only had hand luggage.

Someone lent me their winter coat and I went for a walk to a Virgin record store.

I became quite attached to the coat and with reluctance handed it back when we got back to the airport.

The first thing I bought in New York was my own coat.

Now I live in Perth so the opportunities to wear my coat are limited.

And… it looks a bit like a dressing gown.

But I am so glad of it here in Melbourne.

UPDATE: And I haven’t stopped wearing it. This week in Perth the weather has been dire and my coat is my new best friend.