The summer of our discontent

Now this is the way to read in stupid hot weather

I tried to avoid a weather post, I honestly did.

But more than three weeks of stupidly hot weather, hot and humid weather, finally broke me.

Jeez Louise – how long is this going to last!

It’s more than a koala bear.

Up to today we’ve had 21 days over 30 degrees celcius… and the day before that was 29.6, and before that were another three days of over 30s and the day before that was 29.8… all this can be better seen here.

The last day approaching anything close to bearable was the day after Australia Day.  Humphhh!

And it’s not so much the temperatures… which are bad enough… I can handle me a few days over 35 because I am Australian and climate control is for wimps… it’s the HUMIDITY!

OMG does Perth suddenly think it is Sydney?

Are we now in the tropics?


Mediterranean climate… read it weather gods… DRY heat!

The climate is characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. [wiki]

None of this humidity is mentioned in the small print.

I am so over it.

I spend my day in barely there bikinis and I don’t care that they barely cover my flabby bits.

I drape myself over couches with a fan directed up my fanny and drink long cool glasses of water from the fridge or Sav Blanc if I think it is past wine o’clock.

I dip myself in the pool at all hours just to cool my body temperature.

And we eat cold foods or take out.

I might be reading “The Winter of Our Disconnect” (very good btw and an interesting choice for the year 12 English syllabus) but I am living “The Summer of our Discontent”.

Bah humbug!


As a sidenote:  When my son started reading the aforementioned English text he said to me:  “I’m scared. She is just like you. Works for the same place, loves The Moth and This American Life and makes her kids listen to them in the car (I would add Radiolab), and writes LOL in capital letters to appear cool…” ouch!

When I told Susan via Facebook (What?  You thought she remained disconnected? lol), she replied: “The thought of that conversation has been making me lol (lower case, mind you) for the past two days.”

The bottom line is though I may yearn for the ability to pull the plug on my family’s electronic lifelines – there doesn’t seem much point now that she’s actually done it.  And besides… how would I blog the experience???!

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  1. We’ve not had your hot weather in fair Adelaide, but I’ve noticed it has definitely been more humid. The world is going mad. Hope it cools off a bit for you soon. At least you have a pool!!

  2. I’m just LOLling (I lie… coughing and spluttering) at your Perth summer in comparison to my chilly Mancunian winter. Also amazed that Susan’s book can make it into a Yr 12 syllabus within months of being published!

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