Cyclone days and summer nights

My cyclone track map pin-up board

So this is what my life at work is like at the moment…

Fire fire flood fire fire fire fire fire cyclone fire.

So far we haven’t had many cyclones – ah but it is early in the season my friend.

This next one they are calling a “midget” cyclone.

At the start of the season I clear my pin-up board in readiness.

This year they are predicting about 6-7 cyclones to hit the north west and my role is to coordinate our emergency warnings.

So I need a bit of space.

Then as the cyclones develop I print out the track maps and pin them up.

I love track maps.

Don’t they look cool?

Okay… maybe you have to be there.

The other thing I like to know in advance is what the bureau are going to name the cyclone.

Now we’ve just had Tasha (in Queensland) soooo I reckon this new one will be TC Vince.

Which sounds a bit close to Vance if you ask me and Vance was nasty.

This is a map showing where cyclones have tracked in Australia (credit: BOM)
This is a map showing where cyclones have tracked in Australia (credit: BOM)

Usually I get a call from the severe weather centre – when I hear Andrew Burton’s voice my heart sinks.

Not that he’s not a nice guy but him calling me means a cyclone and a cyclone means long hours and rostering people on public holidays.

Still – I no complain.

Imagine being in Queensland at the moment.  Find out how you can help here.

Or Carnarvon.

Let’s hope the midget cyclone does the right thing and buggers off out to sea.

And the arsonists stay at home over the long weekend.

Oh.  And happy new year!

UPDATE: The cyclone turned into a fizzer… not sure if they will even name it.

Sunset strip

Tonight I walked home with my daughter under a pink sky.

Straight out of the camera - promise

She had been at Tai-jitsu – Ninja training basically.

Yes, they wear black.

Sometimes you just get lucky

I guess I am lucky.

To have a daughter patient enough to wait for me to dig out my camera.

And one who even points out a good shot.

Love ya.

Now speaking of colour – it’s my turn to do you a favour Dippity.

Ah but that’s tomorrow’s post.

Cloud street

Cumulonimbus cloud bubbles up above the horizon

Look out the window, they cried, look at the clouds!

Well it is not often that my colleagues are inspired to look at clouds and so I thought they must be pretty spectacular, but it turns out that they just thought I’d be interested because I am a cloud geek… actually I do like taking photos of clouds.

I rushed to the huge office window and looked down Royal St – and indeed the cumulonimbus clouds were pretty impressive.

Not impressive enough for me to actually leave the building to photograph but impressive enough for a quick pic through the glass.

No rain though.

Tomorrow night I’m off to Queensland for the GNOT finals.

I bet there’ll be rain on the Sunshine Coast.

First day of the first test ALWAYS rains.

If you’re lucky, I might even take a photo of the storm clouds.


A taste of summer

Random beach photo

This blog is fast becoming a weather blog.

(I suppose a one time weather girl can be excused)

But it’s HOT today. 

Really hot.

36C kind of hot.

Oh sure we’re expecting a cool change overnight and it’s only one day… but still.

36 degrees.

It was hot waiting at the train station, and the cool airconditioning welcome on arrival at work.

There are fires today at Red Hill, Eneabba and Wagin and they are just the ones I know about.

Suddenly I’m not looking forward to summer.

Although it would be nice to be on holidays near a beach…