How much do I love winter?


Well winter in Perth anyway which is pretty mild.

Cool enough to wear boots. No need for a parka.

And yes I know it’s not winter yet.

And one shower does not a winter make.

Oh but wasn’t it nice to wake up to a washed world yesterday.

To not feel hot.

To wear boots to work.

Boots that have waited patiently in the bottom of my cupboard ready to jump out the first time the mercury dropped below thirty degrees.

That smell of petrichor in the air.

Is it just me?

5 Replies to “How much do I love winter?”

  1. I was in such a good mood for most of yesterday due to the weather. It was a very refreshing change. I also dragged my boots out of the cupboard for the first time since November.

    The cool breeze early this morning on my face reminded me how much I love that feeling in winter. It’s been so long since I’ve felt that!

  2. Today I wore boots, tights, knee-length skirt, long sleeve tshirt, cardigan (unbuttoned) and a wide, long, lightweight grey wool scarf around my neck. I love this time of year (and it’s already chilly in Canberra – yay!)

  3. We’ve just had a couple of hot days here in Adelaide and I’m pining for the cool days we had last week.
    I love being able to cook hot dinners, and wear pyjamas to bed, slippers instead of bare feet, t-shirts instead of singlet tops.

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