Cottesloe in winter

A cold blustery morning at Cottesloe Beach
The beach has all but disappeared
And there is so much seaweed on the beach that remains.
Still the scenery isn’t all bad

I haven’t been down to Cottesloe in a while and I was surprised to see the beach all but gone.

I know it diminishes in the winter but I’ve never seen so much seaweed.
Still the walk down to the Naked Fig for breakfast was invigorating.
And the gale force wind pushed me back up the hill on my way home – bonus.
I had a chat to one of the trainers of the Hawthorn Football Club as well – who commented on the weather – I pointed out that even at its worst it’s warmer than Melbourne to which he agreed. 
The boys were walking a bit slowly (wonder why… 🙂 ) so we powered past them towards our coffee and some great service.
And I was glad I had decided against wearing my Dockers scarf.

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