Not whining about the endless summer

My two as the sun goes down

How can you complain about the weather when we can head down to the beach and enjoy a sunset like that?

Warm enough for my son to go swimming

It was my parents who suggested it – and what a good idea it was to go down the beach for fish and chips on a Saturday evening and watch the sun go down.

It made me wonder why we don’t go down the beach for twilight meals more often.

We even live closer to the beach than they do.

I’m not really the beachy type.

Maybe that’s it.

And once I’m tucked into my house of an evening it’s akin to winkling a¬†barnacle¬†off a rock to get me out.

Not easy.

Still it was lovely and if invited I’d go again.

I think.


2 Replies to “Not whining about the endless summer”

  1. You would not believe how much I envy you on that one… every now and then I get really really homesick for Aus, and always for my place on Forrest St Cott. So nice, but, it was a moment in time – it will never be the same again… so enjoy for me and all the others that can’t go down to the beach for fish and chips on a balmy summer night.

  2. It’s been years since I had a fish’n’chips dinner at the beach. Now that I live on the other side of town, it takes a lot more effort to get to the beach than when I lived at Semaphore.

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